Why is There Cat Hair in My Cup of Tea

Well the obvious answer is; because you are stupid enough to own cats.  The cat’s answer would most likely be: a. You went to the front door, what did you expect. b. You lucky you, thank me for leaving you some tea later I have birds to annoy. or c. What, you again, what areContinue reading “Why is There Cat Hair in My Cup of Tea”

Pumpkin and Sweetcorn Soup

This much (2 whole people) requested recipe from my last post Moving Forward.  The original was sourced on Best Recipes.com.au by my support worker F. Pumpkin and Sweetcorn Soup Serves 6.  I’m on my 4th bowl and 6 other people have had bowls, and there is still some left. Ingredients 1 k (or a littleContinue reading “Pumpkin and Sweetcorn Soup”