Crisis Over, Back to Normal!

I have a bad headache, heartburn and I feel tired.  That’s right I am back to normal. Intellectually I was over the incident I am torn constantly. yet I barely ate and slept 2 to 4 hours a night for 10 days.  I was crying every time I tried to write, critique and just randomly.  Yet againContinue reading “Crisis Over, Back to Normal!”

Chocolate is not the Sweetest Thing in This Shop.

On our way home from the KSP Writers’ Circle we stopped to have lunch at Whistler’s Chocolate Company in the Swan Valley.  We being Grandma, Alex and me.  I know what you are thinking, chocolate for lunch!  Actually I had a chicken pastry with salad, Alex had a sandwich wrap and Grandma ate chips; whichContinue reading “Chocolate is not the Sweetest Thing in This Shop.”