KSP A Dialogue Exercise

Now don’t be silly!  This was a very sensible exercise to encourage us to improve our creativity by using predominantly dialogue to illustrate a specific scene.  Lisa – Lisa Wolstenholme, our facilitator and resident genius had a very specific scene in mind. That’s right! And the conversation was to be conducted by sheep. My piece.Continue reading “KSP A Dialogue Exercise”

KSP Presents Petal Pilots the Tablet Edition.

Remember the fun exercise from Lisa at KSP.  If not it’s here; KSP Presents Petal Pilots.  We were practicing slashing word count.  Alex published hers on Deviant Art but Tabitha is letting me publish her attempts. So on with  ‘Petals or Pilots! The Tablet edition. I watched the petals of the cherry tree blossoms floatContinue reading “KSP Presents Petal Pilots the Tablet Edition.”

KSP Presents Petal Pilots

Another fun exercise from Lisa at KSP.  We were practicing slashing word count. The topic was ‘Petals or Pilots!  20 minutes. ‘‘Darling, can you believe how harsh Flight Commander Greyson was in this morning’s briefing.’ ‘That man becomes a beast when he puts that uniform on,’ replied Harry. ‘He can be quite the beast outContinue reading “KSP Presents Petal Pilots”


Another great writing exercise from the Katharine  Susannah Prichard Writer’s Centre. We had to concentrate on dialogue and we had 3 options Gossip I can’t remember (no I can’t that wasn’t the prompt) A declaration  (with the examples ‘of love’ or ‘ of war’ The contrast in the 2 examples resulted in; “Terry, it’s goodContinue reading “Declaration”