Happy Easter

Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison is doing a fantastic job during this crisis. Our State Premier Mark McGowan is doing a wonderful job. And our local representative Christian Porter is going above and beyond my wildest expectations of informative nurturing politicians   I’ll admit I did not think this way a couple of months ago,Continue reading “Happy Easter”

A Mouse In Our House

Saturday night the cry went out. “There’s a mouse in my shoes!” yelled Cat. Lisa; the mighty mouse hunter leapt to her feet.  Gavin looked confused. Finally I was in my element.  I can catch mice.  No I am not a cat, I am a fat old lady who waddles about and spends most ofContinue reading “A Mouse In Our House”

Autism Is Hilarious, Cricket Not So Much

Sometimes when one of my children does something totally crazy; like refusing to stop pouring my drink even though I have already poured myself one; until I have to wrestle the can out of her hand; because her father told her to fill it to half. I think Autism is hilarious! Unless you have toContinue reading “Autism Is Hilarious, Cricket Not So Much”

KSP Writing Challenge 2

Runaway quickly this is about politics. And it is written by an uninformed loon. And it isn’t even funny! And you have been warned! My preferred Prime Minister would be someone no one has yet heard of.  I do not believe power corrupts; it is the pursuit of power that leads men & women toContinue reading “KSP Writing Challenge 2”