Adverb Advice

The woman moved towards him sinisterly. She spoke to him softly. He looked at her distrustfully. Their meeting? An explosion of pure ice! The woman moved towards him quickly. She spoke to him hurridly. He looked at her anxiously. Their meeting? An explosion of frenetic energy! The woman moved towards him angrily. She spoke toContinue reading “Adverb Advice”

KSP Writing Challenge 2

Runaway quickly this is about politics. And it is written by an uninformed loon. And it isn’t even funny! And you have been warned! My preferred Prime Minister would be someone no one has yet heard of.  I do not believe power corrupts; it is the pursuit of power that leads men & women toContinue reading “KSP Writing Challenge 2”

No Blood This Sunday

I was at the KSP writing centre this morning and they gave us an exercise I really loved.  We had to write poetry or prose on one of two topics.  I will have to paraphrase : Who would be PrimeMinister if you could choose anyone? A villain and a superhero are siblings having Sunday dinnerContinue reading “No Blood This Sunday”

Lisa gets a little over excited

I went to a meeting about my youngest daughter at her school.  Fantastic meeting the deputy and her Pastoral care teacher, they are so all over her problems I love them.  I love her school, Swan Valley Anglican Community School most fantastic pastoral care program I’ve ever even heard of. Back to my point, soContinue reading “Lisa gets a little over excited”

Parable Homework

Note sent to school – Dear (Identity Protected), Tabitha was unable to finish her Religious Education homework assignment because we consider the assignment to be irreligious and inappropriate. As the saying goes… “Lo and from the mountains did come a priest. Many days had he walked so when he came upon the house of aContinue reading “Parable Homework”