Adverb Advice

The woman moved towards him sinisterly. She spoke to him softly. He looked at her distrustfully. Their meeting? An explosion of pure ice! The woman moved towards him quickly. She spoke to him hurridly. He looked at her anxiously. Their meeting? An explosion of frenetic energy! The woman moved towards him angrily. She spoke toContinue reading “Adverb Advice”

Lisa gets a little over excited

I went to a meeting about my youngest daughter at her school.  Fantastic meeting the deputy and her Pastoral care teacher, they are so all over her problems I love them.  I love her school, Swan Valley Anglican Community School most fantastic pastoral care program I’ve ever even heard of. Back to my point, soContinue reading “Lisa gets a little over excited”

One Size Does Not Fit All

Is This A Flaw In Psychology & Education? I wonder about the universality of the principles which provide the basis of Behaviour Modification Therapy. Behaviour Modification is firmly based on the concept that behaviour can be encouraged by positive reinforcement and reduced by withdrawal of positive reinforcement.  I agree with this, it often works.  However theContinue reading “One Size Does Not Fit All”