As Tantilized



I have the bestestest puppy in the whole world.

He is… a puppy.

I mean that is all you need to know to know how truly wonderous he is.

He is a real puppy.

And before you worry Charlie and Cherise are both okay.

Cherise is a terrier and therefore not really suited to being an emotional support.

Charlie is not in the best health, his heart is not the best, he’s night blind and deaf. He has short periods of dementia.

Both dogs are so happy to have a puppy to play with.

Charlie Chuckles

Charlie seems to recognise Johnnie…

That’s his name Johnnie, for his dad Jack and his mum Annabelle.

Waiting for Johnnie
Arrived from Sydney

Anyway Charlie seems to know that Johnnie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, he also understood that Johnnie was his apprentice. We expected a little jealousy but there has been none. Charlie is teaching him all his jobs, he’s protecting him and although he checks in and takes over if necessary, he is living his own life, with me sometimes, playing with the terriers, lying in more comfy spots.

Cherise, on the other hand, thinks she is a much better teacher than Charlie. She tries to take the puppy away for rough housing and barking lessons.

Echo wants to discipline him while he’s young to make sure he is properly cowed. Pixie is vaguely interested and surprisingly kind. Orion is being a jerk and deliberately teasing him.

Anubis is his best cat friend. He is so gentle with him that Charlie is letting Anubis sleep on his special unicorn. If he gets over excited Anubis lifts his paw and Johnnie immediately sits. In two sessions Anubis taught him sit. He clawlessly swatted him once but that was enough. Johnnie is allowed at least two kisses for greeting and departure, more is Nubie is in the mood.

And best of all Johnnie is here to take over Charlie’s job as unofficial Emotional Support Animal. Except in preparation of my going out into the real world more often Johnny is training to become an official Assistance Animal. He totally blitzed his first lesson and the lady said he is very promising.

Anyway I can’t waste any more time writing I have a puppy to cuddle.


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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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