Happy Easter

Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison is doing a fantastic job during this crisis. Our State Premier Mark McGowan is doing a wonderful job. And our local representative Christian Porter is going above and beyond my wildest expectations of informative nurturing politicians

3d character textured with flag of Australia


I’ll admit I did not think this way a couple of months ago, except for Christian Porter, he really is great all the time. Like Stephen Smith used to be, different region, different party lost now to back stabbing party politics.

3d character textured with flag of Australia

But anyway now I am listening to my leaders. And they are giving a lot of good advice as well as official stuff.

3d character textured with flag of Australia

For example one of them, I’m not a hundred percent sure which, advised us to make the best of whatever we had over Easter. Pointed out we may not have occasions to go out etcetera, so why not dress up anyway.


A great idea!!!

Smileys Smiling And 3d Character Showing Happiness

It really does make things extra special.

Admittedly at 6:50 this morning when I took the dogs out the front door, to the gate and backyard because I couldn’t risk them eating the Easter trails (Chocolate), in a ballgown a jogger stared at me. But that may be because my hair wasn’t up and fancy yet.

I know my daughters are between 16 and 27 and normally the Easter Bunny stops visiting at a certain age. We don’t like change and so far Santa and the Bunny seem to support this. We have discussed the Metaphysics and we don’t like to talk about it anymore.

White beautiful rabbit, Easter bunny with eggs in basket

And the kids have trails because they just cannot cope at all with egg hunts. It didn’t work when Cat was alone, any minor hunt, search or competition has an absolutely explosive negative effect on my little autistic ones.

Red kitten with Easter colored eggs

And I did not make dressing up mandatory. The big bonus for doing it for ourselves.

sml 9428

Enjoy the photos and think about having dress-up occasions at home with your kids, pets, lizards. I want lizards Gavin. I want lizards and Cat to make them felt outfits that they can wear. I need photos of lizards wearing outfits so I can illustrate “Alex Pretends To Be A People”, an important new book about being yourself especially if you are an autistic loon of remarkable talent.


This wasn’t meant to be about that.

sml 9435

Before I go off again:

sml 9443

sml 9438
OMG isn’t he skinny now.

Happy Easter.


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Ms Lisa – We like you very much, but we would have to kill Mom if she tried to dress us up. She still makes stockings and baskets for our non-furry siblings and they are 23 & 24. Purrs Snoops and Kommando Kitty

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t dare dress up cats, except once, Orion once wore a reindeer hood for a minute while he had his photo taken, but he loves being photographed. Cats are already elegant enough. Dress ups are for lesser beings like dogs and if he would get me some LIZARDS.
      Poor Pixie was born on Christmas so even though I always try to separate the two events she has to get her birthday on Christmas.

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