My Daughter Asked My Opinion.

My eldest child asked for a meeting. My husband told me it was about cosplay so I prepared the following speech for her.


Cosplay is wrong.

Cosplay involves wearing costumes and pretending to be someone else. Pretending is lying and lying along with all other forms of deception is evil.


Take, for a prime example, Hollywood California; this town was built around the moving picture industry.  Many movies and the younger sibling television programmes are merely highly expensive and elaborate fabrications.  People dressing up and pretending (or lying) for financial reward and public acclaim broadcast into the very homes of the innocent. 


As result of this surge in deceit multiplied by the tacit approval from avid audiences the weight of wickedness sank into the very ground of that benighted place. Hollywood has become a beacon of sin and debauchery. Every form of vice and depravity happens in Hollywood California, both on and off the screen.


Pretending to be someone or something you are not, even if glossed over by pretty words like pretense or ‘acting’, is deceit, and is another step on the Road to Hell.

If that is not enough to convince you, think about the characters popularised by this innocuously named activity; Cosplay.

Super heroes: a vainglorious fabrication where people flout decent religion by creating beings with great powers,  a direct assault on the unassailable reputation of the Almighty.  Justice is in the hands of God alone and any pretence otherwise is an aberration that should be intolerable to any member of a decent society. Further pretending that mortal man could have unnatural powers is a foul blasphemy.


Aliens: can not exist, to even speak of creatures from outer space is a blasphemy against the Lord’s Creation. The Earth was created, the centre of the universe, and obviously the only place where life exists. No other planets were mentioned in the Bible; were they. Moreover ‘alien sightings’ have replaced decent, God-fearing angel sightings. People inspired by the forces of Evil to deny the existence of the Heavenly Host by tricking the general populace into believing in visitors from other worlds, when every right thinking person knows there are no other worlds. Stars are merely lights in the firmament, placed there by God’s Good Grace to make His creation more aesthetically pleasing. Something that we should be far more grateful for, by the way.

And worst of all:


Fantasy Creatures: everyone knows that these beings are the handicrafts of Satan himself. Elves, trolls, ogres these things are not even mentioned in the Holy Bible. Not just imps and devils, the denizens of Hell, not just werewolves and vampires and other undead pledged to Beelzebub, but fairies and mermaids carrying the Dark One’s lies and stain through the natural world. Clearly garbing yourself as any of these abominations is tantamount to formerly dedicating your soul to the Devil.


And Magic: it is well known that all forms of magic including the so called entertainment know as prestidigitation is based in the occult, and are thus all forms of devilment. All magic is Satanic. And making light of pacts with the Devil is a sure sign of wickedness. Providing an opening for evil to enter and conquer the soul; your soul.


Thus as a responsible parent I must, MUST, insist that all funds intended for this idolatry be paid, as a penance for your wickedness and to try to save your soul, to me; your mother. And to further your redemption I shall spend said money on something nice, for me, because honouring your parents is a commandment. It’s in the Bible look it up you god-less heathen.


Of course I wasn’t listened to. My wicked husband put devil horn hair clips in my hair while my daughter rolled her eyes and covered her face.


She still asked her impertinent question, “Is it okay to have a costume that is 100% purchased?”


I answered, “Of course it’s okay, Weirdo.  Except for the objections I raised previously, would you like me to read my speech again?”

8096 angels

She declined with a derisive snort. Well I tried, that woman is clearly beyond redemption.




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