Been Busy 4 Solutions

So sorry guys, this has not been a deliberate taunt. It would have been a really good one. Outline a sad problem, promise a solution, then go silent. It’s a funny idea but I wouldn’t actually do that to you. I mean, would enough people even notice.

If you don’t know what on Earth I’m talking about; Lucky you, you ‘ve missed lots of blah blah. But bad news, you are not allowed to read this thingami unless you have read the others. I’m sorry, it is a law.

Policeman With Night Stick Baton Standing

It is not so I get more hits and feel more popular. It is not. Hush, it is an actual law and if you try, imaginary police will visit you in your dreams. You didn’t know I had that power, did you? I didn’t know I had that power. Do I have that power? If imaginary police visit anyone’s dreams please let me know. What can I do with this new power?


What? Oh this post. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Read Been Busy  Been Busy 2 Fixing the Government  and Been Busy 3 Tilting at Windmills.

How can I write this new post when I am so excited? I hope you at least appreciate my dedication.


The Solution.

So the government is wasting a lot of money on duplication, delays that make the situation more expensive to fix, and trying to find conmen.


Government agencies, not for profits and charities deliberately make it a bit hard to find and apply to them to avoid false claims. Charities I have actually donated to, years later when I needed them I could find them again to donate but no way to apply for help.


Finding an appropriate medical or therapy group is a nightmare for the layman and is not even easy for their fellow medical professionals. When I was young it was considered unethical for a doctor to advertise, but word of mouth is hardly a good way to disseminate such important information.

At the moment we can not find a psychiatrist with the appropriate specialities to diagnose my husband. Why is this our job?


Simple fix.

  1. List all the services and how to apply centrally.
  2. Give some group unfettered access to this list.
  3. When individuals or families come onto the radars of Welfare Groups or Medical professionals assign someone from the above group to find out what they need and get it for them.


There would be less duplication and strict supervision. This is where most cons will be stopped. Working closely with the vulnerable people assuming they are genuine will actually show up peoples lies and real needs very quickly. No process or test can.

storyblocks-face-of-asian-children-smiling-face-and-sign-good-feeling-by-finger_HOX7x3ncz (1)

Administration and assessment expenses will drop in all the other services. As the gatekeepers of each will no longer need to spend their time checking what is needed and if the need is genuine. Applications would be made by a professional not by a layman who was unfamiliar with the process, in a stressful situation to begin with and was possibly impaired in some way.


Swift action especially aimed at prevention of further damage would lead to long term savings.


The department responsible would have to be judged by what they had saved other departments of the government and community. This is a major flaw with our current systems, government agencies and departments currently get no credit for savings they make for other sectors. Hence NDIA, Medicare and the Education Department are more interested in shifting responsibility for who was responsible for paying for services than minimising the actual expense, let alone the damage done to the vulnerable.


A lot of money and time would be saved by a central group that could analyse what service would work, or at least what wasn’t working, and match patient and practitioner. There are so many problems, illnesses, disabilities out there, there is no one that anyone person could have any more than a cursory knowledge of all of them. Yet many therapists and medical professionals think that their treatments are so universal that they don’t need that information.

Dental tools in action professional medical team

I need to find a new GP, my second visit to one, he handed me a script, I asked what it was for, he said it would make me better. My problems; low blood pressure, vertigo and nausea, I am already taking an antidepressant, but I would have been willing to concede that stress was the cause of my problems. I just wanted to know if there was anything physical that could be fixed that would help me back faster. So it turns out the pills he wanted me to start on immediately were powerful anti psychotics, they could be useful for nausea but seriously heavy side effects. Including lowering my blood pressure. I was feeling a lot less vertigo the day I went than I had been the three days before and my blood pressure was 100 over 60, he told me it was fine.

Blah, blah I can’t write properly when I am cross.

Angry woman in office

Anyway professionals organising things, working with other professionals, leave us disabled people to concentrate on trying to… you know live, pretend to be people, etcetera.

I has a headache and I think I have finished. Nap time nigh-nigh.





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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

4 thoughts on “Been Busy 4 Solutions

    1. In many ways Gavin is better. He stopped taking his meds, against medical advice, and within weeks stopped self harming and faints less. He created his own diet and started DDP Yoga, he’s lost 48k and is much fitter.
      So he is healthier, but no progress in getting any professional help.

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  1. I don’t mind their guessing, its when they are certain that they are most dangerously wrong. Look after yourself, and listen to your cats. Cats are way smarter than your average doctor.


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