Been Busy 2 Fixing the Government

Okay I have to come clean; I have not fixed the government. Mainly because no one would let me. I know why, its Machiavellian. I mean I’m autistic, that should be a free pass to the job of Prime Minister. Oh well that is the dream.


You know how some people write stuff in parts, and it only makes sense if you read it in order. You know, say if I assumed you had read part 1 and didn’t explain something just referenced it in passing.

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But then again I might assume you know all kinds of things and reference them without explanation. And if you had missed part 1 you might think that this all would make sense if only you had read part 1. So everyone would think it was a you problem and not a me problem. And even those people who had read part 1 might believe they had forgotten it.


They wouldn’t worry knowing it is a blogging convention to put links in to the previous part. But oops I forgot to put in links to part 1. So you will just have to assume that you are wrong and I make sense.


Wow, I make sense. Shut up just let me bask a moment.


And whatever you do, do not look for Been Busy or part 1. It will only make us both sad. You will feel disappointed, as if I have been trying to trick you, instead of absent mindedly omitting to include links to part 1.


So now that we are all on the same page; how to fix the government’s handling of its most vulnerable citizens.


First let us examine the causes, because basically most people want to think of themselves as nice, decent human beings. There are three main (by main I mean these are the ones I can think of) ways of convincing humans to attack the vulnerable. I mean apart from childhood and adolescent bullying. I mean convincing humans to abuse the identified vulnerable publicly. I mean there is proof Neanderthals looked after their injured.

By Charles R. Knight –, Public Domain,


  1.  Fear of Death; we are all in great danger and the disabled and the elderly are holding us back from saving ourselves.
  2.  Fear of God; God doesn’t make mistakes therefore all illness & infirmity is a punishment directly from God and we must shun them or risk his displeasure.
  3. Fear of Loss of Face; if I am conned into helping a con man, people will laugh at me.

Fear of Death


Okay in some cases this may be real. But let me remind you high functioning autistics are hella smart and have super senses, we are basically the missing link between you and fully fledged Xmen. Eat the others, save us, we can see in the dark and smell things that you don’t even know are there.


But seriously folks, we all know this was part of the Nazi platform and unless the danger is real and immediate I think there is a lot more research that needs to be done. I mean read any sci-fi, eugenics never ends well. Unless there is a volcano.

Grunge Skull

I mean even I can agree that perhaps the noble idea of prioritising the rescue of children, women (when they were considered delicate property), the injured and the dead is a bit questionable. I mean after the Titantic the saved women and children had often lost their only financial support.

By passenger of the Carpathia, the ship that received the Titanic’s distress signal and came to rescue the survivors –, Public Domain,



Fear of God

Read a Dicken’s novel. This bizarre belief was based on the twisting of many of the more reasonable elements of Christianity and Lutheranism. An aberration disproved by history and even by the Bible.

By Richard Bentley – Heritage Auction Galleries, Public Domain,

I don’t know this for a fact, which is a hard thing for me to admit because 20 years ago this was my main field of study, but I don’t think many of the mainstream religions of today condemn the disabled. Scientology is not a mainstream religion.

Fear of Losing Face


Okay this is the one that is most prevalent in Australia. Personally I would rather be conned 9 times out of ten rather than risk not helping a person in genuine need. But I have seen many people around me trying to ‘equip my children to protect themselves’.  Distrust everyone and everything, they are out to get you, con men are everywhere. My attitude is; if you can afford to lose it who cares. I’m not going to risk my family’s financial stability (such as it is) on a possible con, but I refuse to berate myself for being outsmarted for $5.


There are sharks out there. There are cons and malicious people that are doing far more damage to society than should be possible for an individual. The ripples from the damage they do are unbelievable compared to the pitifully small gains they get. Its disgusting, they are who we should shun.

group of zombie walking through burning city,illustration painting

But, and here is the hard part for people to understand, real life is always going to be harder to believe than a story. Real people who end up needing help have often had a string of unlikely things happen or have made decisions that in hindsight seem unwise, that’s real life. Made up stories can be much more plausible.


More rant tomorrow.  Been Busy 3 Tilting at Windmills




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7 thoughts on “Been Busy 2 Fixing the Government

  1. aghh, the Macciavellian way….take out everyone around you who might be trying to stab you in the back, or who you may think would want to!!! Paranoia at it’s best, or worst!!! LMFAO!!!! Keep writing girl, me enjoying your rants,er, opinions, er, experiences with the bourgoisie( prob not spelt right) and the powers that be!!!! U GO GIRL!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So when are you starting a blog. I miss your writing?
      But not if you are planning something.
      Its a trick isn’t it?
      You need to be coaxed to start blogging…
      Next thing I know you’ve stolen all my readers.
      Than you arrive at the door with apology flowers…
      With a dagger hidden inside and next thing I know…


      1. NAH……. me got no oomph to write again, but hopefully I will start something………. soon……………………….. yeah, someone once told me PROCRASTINATION is SLOTH in 5 syllables. HMMMMMMM

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Seriously Stef write stuff, you had a real talent. Get in touch, we can line up our mothers and tell them they are in a race. While we get some writing done. Alex misses you, she’s gotten weirder in isolation, so you will want to see that. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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