Been Busy

I haven’t written for a while. And its not because I got distracted by the follow button and tried to follow myself instead of pushing the write button. I have only wasted short amounts of time whenever I do this. Perhaps I should have followed through. After all I may enjoy reading what I wrote, I seem to remember us having similar tastes.

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But not this post. I am planning to write about the NDIA Nefatious Deaths of the Incapacitated Alliance (Publicly claimed to be the National Disability Insurance Agency). Possibly I am wrong and this is the actual name, insuring the disabled, are identified, for later herding and destruction of course.

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I am being way too harsh. They have not actually explained the final part of the plan to the staff. Well to all of the staff. I firmly believe many people working for the NDIA are actually trying to help the disabled. That’s why there is such an unbelievably high staff turnover.The have to keep moving them before they catch on.


So to cut a long story short… Do you ever wonder why I use that expression so often. Actually I think that expression is only ever used by people that are not doing any such thing. I think it just feels more elegant than ‘as I was saying’.


So as I was saying, I haven’t been writing because I have been preparing for meetings. Saving Occupational Therapists from the mind numbing confusion of trying to see through Tabby and Alex’s selective Mutism, or Cat & Tasha with their delusional self deception. I know how hard it is to start my two muted monsters talking again once they stop. And I know that Cat and Tasha can completely confuse reality by answering questions based on their own views of how the world works.

Painting the planet
Two hands painting the planet earth.

Catherine is ready to move out on her own tomorrow, she just doesn’t want to. The fact that she does not know how to look after herself is irrelevant, she is sure these skills appear naturally and after all as she is by nature smarter and better she will naturally be able to do anything.


Cat and Tasha are absolutely at odds with each other. And yet they are so similar in outlook. Natasha was born with an innate wisdom and knowledge of everything that is. This led her to notice that her parents and teachers have knowledge that is outdated and now redundant.

Daughter 12 Mother Wrong

Wait just a second, I was not writing a post about how much my children annoy me. Its just so all consuming. Is this motherhood? A constant feeling of belligerence and annoyance. At least most people can look forward to their kids leaving home. Then the belligerence and annoyance is limited by visits and spaced by phone calls.

Why did my mother move in with us? Is this proof she is suffering from dementia? Why would she do this? Then again I was an obedient, well behaved, truly frightened and cowed child. I don’t know. I have never understood my mother and trying gets me yelled at.

cartoon Mumsy

Okay I’ve done OTs, then I had Natasha’s school. That place is so awful. So I prepared a list of my demands. Actually I know this will surprise you my demands were actually more than reasonable and all inline with accepted best practice. I and an advocate met with three lovely women; an associate principal, a year leader and her pastoral care teacher. We all agreed about everything.


Triumph I hear you say. Unfortunately I have had this level of agreement in every school meeting. These ladies probably meant it, but will it actually happen? I have it on paper, I have an advocate, this could work eventually.

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And finally the NDIA. Alex and my review. I was already past my cut off date, Alex’s was the next day. Which is why when I was asked 20 minutes before my appointment if I wanted a postponement because of paint fumes I had to say no. As it turned out there is a new scheme to give a month’s extension, pro rata. I asked if this meant that Alex’s therapy fund which had run out 6 months earlier would be included. I don’t know if he misunderstood the question or if I misunderstood the answer. I tried a couple of times but I still don’t know the answer. I know what it should mean, yes, but logic does not always mean anything when dealing with any government department.

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Talking of logic, if I am getting tired writing this, you are probably getting tired reading this. So if you want to be educated as to what is not working in the government’s approach to dealing with vulnerable people, tune in tomorrow.


Been Busy 2 Fixing the Government




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