My Kiddie Wink Writied a Thing Too

Remember the exercise I did yesterday.


Remember I said Alex did the exercise too.


I said Tabby wrote something, but that’s still basically irrelevant because she still won’t let me read it.


Alex is letting me post her work.

Too much explainie, read this… I Writied A Thing

Then read this :

The Fenir laughed as he begun ranting at the pathetic form in front of him. ‘Oh, did the poor ‘widdle pup’ hurt her paw.’ He hated his granddaughter, she reminded him too much of the daughter who defied him even at her own death. He looked up as if to jeer at the heavens…only to feel a burst of pain in his neck…

All the voices in Rose’s head; the people who loved her screamed in unison as she felt a sudden power in her legs and jaw. She bit hard into the Fenir’s neck as the Terrorwolves watched on in shock. She could hear, but not quite understand the shouts as the voices congratulated, the murmurs of it’s alright now as her parents held her. She continued her assault on his neck, not hearing the death rattle for the overwhelming sound of her own heart. I can’t beat him but I can hurt him… was the thought that came from it, even though it was very quickly proven wrong. It seemed like ages since she connected with his neck that her brothers came, comforting her as she cried for them to fight the Fenhir before he killed them…unable to see the once terrifying monster for what it was… an empty carcass. A reassurance from the eldest and the blackness took her.

Rose woke with a painful start to the supportive net of her family.


And now read this:

The Fenir gloats over what’s left of Hope’s memory
Yet love can lift evil’s victims upwards,
And the crumpled Rose bites back
But Reality cannot get through
To such a panicked and broken mind
So with a last cry for brothers’ to live
Darkness made by months of pain takes hold
Only to lose to the net forged by years of love

And now marvel at the brilliance that is MY Kiddie Wink.


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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

4 thoughts on “My Kiddie Wink Writied a Thing Too

    1. Alex (AKA Kiddie Wink), “Thank you, very nice, I ‘m not quite sure what else to say.”
      Okay it may not have been a comment worth waiting for, but you should have seen the look on her little face. Thanks.

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