De Railed Part 3.

I’m in an anxious, active kind of mood today so I may actually stick close to topic and even finish.

No it is not already finished. No you have to keep reading. You do have to keep reading, I know where you live.


You know I have no idea where you live, don’t you. And I spend most of my time trying to avoid seeing people so you are safe. Relax, read if you want to.


So blah blah to understand everything you might want to take a look at the previous parts. At the very least when you end up totally confused you won’t need to wonder if it would have made sense if only you had read the earlier parts.

De Railed

De Railed Part 2

Of course it wouldn’t. Although everything I ever write only makes sense if you have already read the Meaningless Meandering of Mad Monk Mick. Oops I forgot to put in the link.

Open door at night

Okay so I am worried about my friend, so I met a guy at Dungeons and Dragons who works in the Government Disability Sector.

That is the Government Department dealing with people with disabilities. There is no government department for animals with disabilities in Australia. I can’t find any group at all that looks after disabled plants, so mean. And if it was a department of a disabled government there would not be a special name for it. If anyone ever finds a government that works properly then we can invent a name for the governments we have now.


So this D&D guy is not directly responsible for our disability (I know he had something to do with it but I can’t prove the direct link), he’s in another section now, but offered to give me the details of the section that could help and a contact name. He also gave me a lot of great information, advice and encouragement. Because that’s what D&D people are like. Unless you are a goblin. If you are a goblin D&D players tend to be less helpful, but I wasn’t, so he was.


I looked at the contact details, they looked like contact details so I happily went home. Then the first obstacle, I do not contact people, it is debilitatingly terrifying. My friend is autistic, based on stuff I’ve read he would be unlikely to want to cold call someone. Blam I’m off the rails. Every time I see the paper with the details I fall asleep.

Then a crane comes and forces me back onto the train tracks. My friend calls to share the vital information that the guy who played Eddie in Chuggington (a cartoon about TRAINS) is going to play the Master (in Doctor Who which takes place on a TARDIS which is of course a wonderfully evolved TRAIN). But this magic phone call is dampened by the fact that I have been a bad friend and not told him about the contact detail-ly thingy.


So that forces me back on track. And I promise to email him the details because we prefer not to dictate information on the phone. Chug, Chug, Chug.


Obstacle on the tracks. There is only a department name and contact name, no numbers or address-ey things. My wheels bounce off the tracks but I land square. I realise that the actual contacty bit is easy to work out on the internet. I carefully ignore this and send the details as written, as promised. Chug.

Next morning my friend calls, I am of course still in bed but hubby answers. I hear him on the phone and snore so I won’t have to own up. I have run out of steam.


“You forgot to include the phone number or website when you sent the contact details.” I am informed as I am woken up a scant 30 minutes later.

7:30 in the morning a good 1/2 hour before a reasonable person could be expected to be awake Gavin accepted “ugh” as an answer.

“So you will send him the rest of the information.”


“You will send it.”


“Good girl.”

Then he had to go to the hospital for some tests. I look at the piece of paper. I have a nap. I am out of steam, off the tracks and my engineer is off enjoying himself.

Dental tools in action professional medical team

I was right a few days ago this is too long to be contained in a single post. Plus my anxious energy is gone. I’ve eaten six biscuits (cookies) that I baked to give my mother in law tomorrow and I am yet again sleepy.

Night, night, see you tomorrow.lonely-train-track-stretching-into-horizon_rKcs9ECEi

De Railed Part 4

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