Scary Day Ahead!

Any of you that have had much to do with autism and therapy blah blah, will know we were not allowed to languish at home for long after the KSP implosion.


I mean I learnt my lesson. Lisa (I) am not good with people. It takes all my energy, it is scary and so anxiety provoking it hurts. Neurotypicals speak with forked tongues. I study and observe and I just don’t get it. How do you guys communicate, its insane. Anyway:

Lee Lee no talkie normal people, is bad no-no.

And this was my new motto. My Psych was blah blahing blog, you were happier when you blogged. But I have a suspicion that some of you out there blogging are secretly not autistic. Pretending to not be terryifingly scary just to lure me into thinking you are not going to find my address some how and bite me.


It’s true, not all bloggers are nice, safe broken people. Perfectly normal people might read my blog. And…

Well I’m not really sure what they will do. That’s the problem, I never know what they might do. But they are out there, lurking, thinking normal, un-insane stuff. I have just scared myself…



Breathe, breathe, okay I’m back!

So anyway what was I thinking…


I was talking about being forced back into society by therapists and support workers.

That’s right! After the KSP debacle and my new phobias about cars, car parks and shops. Okay I admit not new but the accident certainly boosted them to levels previously unknown.
I know what you are thinking.

“Lisa, you are clearly a sensible not raving loony, obviously you have been, as all rational people should be, hiding under your bed for the past year.”


But no, these crazy people came to my house and are making me socialize.

And they were sneaky, they used my children against me. I know why would I do anything for the spawn of evil. Well I don’t know, my maternal instincts just get too strong and I do stuff for them. And after all, then I can bask in their complete lack of appreciation. Besides it was Alex and Tabby. They are both more on the genius but daft side of the evil to daft scale my children are all on.

They used to go to Tuesday Writing Group at Evil Inc., oops slip of the tongue, KSP Writer’s Centre. I didn’t know if it was going to run without me, so they missed out. I organised a replacement writing group at our house, with a really nice guy from Tuesday afternoons, but no they still needed to leave the house.

Leaving one’s house is completely over rated by the way. What’s the point of leaving the place you have organised to be where you want to be. Its insane.


Anyway the used Alex to make me take Alex and Tabby to a D&D group; Dungeons and Dragons. And after a Christmas break I have to go back today.

I’m terrified!

graphicstock-calling-of-the-dragonmagician-summoning-monstersorcerer-casts-a-spell_rYpWypAQoqe crop

I mean on the one hand X’arn Ellasaid is a much nicer person than Lisa, so that is good. But people are going to talk to Lisa too. And I created X’arn so I will have made lots if errors, and Alex and Tabby are there and they act well sensibly. You know refusing to speak, hiding under the table sometimes, you know sensibly. And other people act… You know how they act, you’ve seen people, in other words completely unpredictably.

Xarn body

X’arn Ellisaid Baenre is a drow druid by the way. Chaotic good. I really respect her life choices.

So to cut a long story short, I am now a Dungeons and Dragons obsessed lunatic, you have been warned. And despite nag bag (Hubby’s) insistence that I write a blog post I can’t because I am busy obsessively sorting dice.

Can’t write, the dice NEED me!

And Charlie is not allowed to come with us!


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

6 thoughts on “Scary Day Ahead!

  1. I can’t tell you how both confused and entertained I am by this blog. Confused because I consider myself neurotypical but I understand you especially the leaving the house thing? *Shudders* The entertained part is pretty evident. I mean, all those kittens!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Confused but entertained is the effect I am going for with most of my posts. Leaving the house is awful I’m shocked when anyone wants to go outside. Why did we even build houses? Pictures of kittens are always good. Kittens however can be a different story, but they are soft; so soft. Actually who cares what kittens do wrong they are cute and soft.


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