Worthy Writing

Today I am going to write something profound. A piece so gloriously literary that it will provide the backbone of all future advanced classes on literature. a PIECE SO PRECISE IN ITS INSIGHT THAT NO FUTURE PUBLICATION OR DISCUSSION IN ANY AND ALL AREAS OF PSYCHOLOGY, WELLNESS OR EDUCATION WILL CONTAIN REFERENCE TO THIS WORK OF PURE GENIUS. It will help if I turn off Caps Lock. I hate caps lock. If I go back now and rewrite the stuff about psychology, well I might lose the thread of my argument. In fact I think I kinda have. There; another opportunity, a chance for humanity to take the next step in its evolution, a piece of writing so sublime in its genius so as to propel our civilization into the future has been lost. Possibly forever. Simply because Caps Lock is too close to shift on the keyboard. Alas, I cry for my fellow man. But just a minute, its coming back to me.

In the words of a great statesman;
“Hey was ‘so as to’ grammatically correct.
No, no that wasn’t meant to be in quotes. What have I done now?

Man's hand typing on a blue keyboard.

Well I blame grammer. Grammer is the bain of all good writing. alright, shut up WordCheck its bane and gram-you-guess-is-as good as mine. Yes the guess of a genius is as good as anyone else’s. Isn’t it appalling; spelling is the nemesis of genius. That a mere computational machine should be allowed to constantly taunt an organism of true creative genius with such banality is a crime against humanity itself. Any twitnit can spell, it takes a being of vastly superior intellect to get this far in life in complete disdain for the mundane rules of spelling.
How am I supposed to retain the incredible in a world that values dots, dashes, and lines beyond art. I know what I mean. Here I am sitting at a keyboard being thwarted by, by , by…


Blue glowing book

by a complete lack of any idea how to continue.

Tomorrow I will write something profound.

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

3 thoughts on “Worthy Writing

  1. LOL1 Great post today! I am well familiar with that Cap Lock problem where one hits an “a” but accidentally hit Cap Lock as well. I also have been tempted to just leave it rather than lose the thought in the retyping, though I think you were right to leave it as is because anything less than the first burst of brilliance would be second hand, out of place. Well done!

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