I’ve Been…

It’s been a long while. Bit cliched, I know, restarting on New Year’s Day. But I need all the pushing I can get.




KSP did not work out. Maybe because I’m a b&%@#, maybe because of the autism. But basically I couldn’t communicate my needs or my ideas. The break up was a lot worse than I thought. I still cry uncontrollably when I go past that suburb. I’m fairly sure now hat I will never be able to work with people again unless they have a preexisting understanding of autism and or they are paid.


Autism Association didn’t work out. I didn’t like the new directions that management was taking, they didn’t like my threatening to leave. I’ve lost my Guardian angel Faye. She’s not dead but she’s still with the Association so we can’t work together.

I don’t know how Pixabay got this photo of my support worker F.


I haven’t written much since it all fell apart at the KSP writer’s centre. Publishing the book series, the sit com and theatre scripts are all dead in the water now. I don’t know how good any of it was anyway. I never did get the hang of reading between the lines when people speak. Anyway if anything I wrote was that good I wouldn’t have been dumped on mass.


I had a car accident in July, I am pretty much physically recovered, the emotional scars are still problematic for me, Alex, Tabby and to a lesser extent Gavin and Cat. Cat wasn’t there. But she was at her first and now last craft class.

It is hard to believe that Natasha’s school can have deteriorated so far without government intervention. The Principal of the school and the Principal of Senior school left and the school is very rapidly descending into Hell, aided by the exodus of staff and good students. The two men and three women management was relaced by an all female team. If this school is examined closely it will be a major blow to feminism at least the modern version thereof.


In summary, all alive, nothing actually real has happened but our moods are at an all time low because we all feel…

Who knows.

I’ve even stopped taking photos

Wait don’t run. The next one will at least try to be funny.


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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

11 thoughts on “I’ve Been…

  1. Sorry to hear your creative endeavours have met with obstruction, I know how frustrating it can be when that happens. Don’t give up, though – keep writing, even if it’s only for fun. (Especially if it’s for fun!) Hopefully you’ll find a new outlet for your work.

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  2. BUON ANNO NUOVO!!!! HEY girl, don’t u giv up!!! Shit, I’m still looking after my mum who has a stoma , still got 2 years to go on my criminal record, broke next door’s window(unintentionally) and got a restraining order on me, so all in all, I”M STILL F@#$ING ALIVE!!!! Good luck in 2020! I might tryto KSP this Year! Hope u start writing again! LOTSALUV!!! STEFY

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    1. Stef, long time no hear. I can’t get on Facebook anymore. I am so impressed with your attitude to life. I’ve started writing again, ie posts for the blog. Best wishes for you and your mum for 2020.


  3. Your inspiration will return.
    It’s kinda like a cat.
    If you chase after it, it’ll run.
    If you ignore it and try to move on to something else, it will track you down and wind itself around your feet.

    Seek peace,


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