Hello, I’m not saying where I’ve been.


It’s depressing, boring and a barrier to me re-starting. Suffice it to say no where, I have been at home.

5732 crop

All the pets are fine, except one psychotic fish who hates me,


6185 crop

who is actually quite healthy so that description is inaccurate.

6193 crop

I’ll try again.

cat-thinking-about-tasty-food-091515-437_L crop

All the pets are fine.

Cat is enjoying her Anime Club, even socializing with members outside of enforced times. She is entirely more pleasant and productive.

graphicstock-calling-of-the-dragonmagician-summoning-monstersorcerer-casts-a-spell_rYpWypAQoqe crop

So if there are any prospective boyfriends out there; act now before she becomes reasonable enough to appeal to people who actually meet her.

5699 crop c

Alex has retreated a little into her bubble and Tab further into her silence. But this isn’t as relaxing as it sounds.

The fiend, my youngest, who wishes you to be reminded that Natasha backwards is Ah Satan, enough said.


Was dumped!


By text!!


Just after their 2 year anniversary!!!

evil-angry-robot_zyi-kTCd crop

And two months of trying to get him to tell her if there was a problem.

5699 crop n

He has apparently told mutual friends they broke up because she ‘liked’ someone else.

evil-dracula-character-shape_GyIwtiF__L crop

What a prince!

Untrue of course!

Angel-and-devil-091515-156 oth

Unfortunately somewhat supported by the fact she had a new boyfriend within hours.

Angel-and-devil-091515-156 half

I know it sounds unlikely but the first male of her acquaintances that the girls she was crying on the mobile shoulders of, contacted asked her. And her maniacal mother was walking behind her repeating.

‘Say yes, say yes, he is the best guy you know!’

cartoons-cupid-vectors_f1FMDEOu_L bit

Well he is. And I know some of the other males that have shown an interest. Yes if I was a friend instead of a mother I may have recommended the jaw dropping 18 year old actor.

graphicstock-bearded-young-man-in-eyeglasses-and-casual-suit-reading-book-and-gesturing-with-hands-isolated-on-the-black-wooden-background_HU1lvTu7d3x crop
Not actual photo, courtesy Story Blocks

But I’m her mother and (a surprise even to me) not that stupid. She is I remind you 14. Anyway she has also had winks, requests etc. aplenty from her friends since ‘the cruel one’ ditched her. She always did have around 7 male friends for every female. And some of the guys she avoided because speaking to them triggered ‘Mr Jealous’ are flocking to talk to her again.

Tash’s Ex.

This has been a completely unbiased report.

Gavin is well. Yes OMG, Gavin is healthy. His own invented diet and DDP Yoga and he’s lost 30 k and gained health even faster.


A little set back with an infected leg after a fall bush walking. But he is powering along. Still can’t get a diagnosis. It’s month 14 of the search for the last? specialist.

Blind, deaf, dumb

Mum fell down seriously.


V shaped cut down her lip, needing surgery, a fractured arm, toe and nose.

zombie-mummy_Gk0WmkKu_L crop A 1b

Yes it was as funny as it sounds.

cowboy-falling-off-horse-in-the-desert_z1uvnvUd_L crop

But as the weeks drag on she stopped being dazed and returned to her normal state of grumpiness, but more so.

zombies-vectors_MJ7ID4ud_L crop A

KSP is still fantastic, they fired my illustrator and hired a new one. My first two books are mere months away. I love Wild Weeds Press. I love my new illustrator. I no longer hate my stupid books.


Impossibly phenomenal, news. Next month I will be attending a 2 day, 8 hours each, workshop with one of the funniest men in the world:



Founding member of the best comedy group ever:




Stars Word On Stage Meaning Famous People Like Celebrities Divas And Superstars

If you do not know who I am talking about.


I pity you.


I am desperately hoping I don’t embarrass myself.


I am doing lots and lots of stuff including setting up

The Autistic Authors’ Alliance.


Every second Tuesday afternoon at KSP. It is also open to aspiring autistics.

That is enough writing for now I have much to do and my children have been left blissfully unannoyed for way too long.





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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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