Christmas in July – The Tablet Version

As previously mentioned in Christmas in July – Lisa’s:

and Christmas in July – View from an Alex

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KSP Writer’s Centre A.K.A. The greatest writing centre in the world were having a literary dinner the evening of my Tuesday Writers Circle. So I made that our writing theme. Mum again wouldn’t write (because she is stubborn) and no one who wasn’t family came (because too many have met me). But triumphantly Tablet wrote, and read.  And what’s more gave me permission to hand little mini anthologies to everyone at the dinner. 2393

Anyway I thought you might enjoy our efforts too, so ending with the one that inspired me to share them all, from the Terrible Tiny Tablet Troll:

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Write a Christmas in July story? No. I refuse to write that. I know you’re probably wondering “why not?” or just thinking that I refuse to write, but I actually have a reason this time. First off, why does Christmas in July exist? Because in the northern hemisphere Christmas is in winter and the people there are enjoying the cold and snow whilst simultaneously keeping warm near the fire or heater and eating a warm roast. Since Christmas started there it has become what we expect for Christmas. However, Christmas over is spent trying not to melt in the summer heat by staying inside near the fan/air conditioner or going to the beach and having barbecues or whatever it is Aussies do. Personally, I stay inside and hide from the sun and then have warm roast at night. Anyway, some people have decided that we need an extra ‘Christmas’ during the time when it is winter and colder here in Australia. But the weather is not what Christmas is about. I find ‘Christmas’ in July so odd because it does not have that Christmas feel that makes Christmas what it is. ‘Christmas’ in July is a single day of random celebration. There is no counting down the days with an advent calendar or driving everywhere to look at lights that extends Christmas from one day to an entire month. Celebrating Christmas on a different day feels wrong and I would know. One year my family got sick during Christmas which meant that we didn’t go to see our relatives until much later, and let me tell you, it was not the same. To be fair, I am a crazy person who likes tradition and things staying the same and live in a house with other crazy people. Also our house stay pretty cool in the summer. But I will never think of ‘Christmas’ in July as true celebration of Christmas and therefore I can’t write a story on it.

e Snowmen 5


July Scroll
Presented as a scroll with star stickers


And after devouring all the Icecream Christmas Pudding and Gavin petulantly refusing to cook Turkey and Pork anymore, alas and alack, our Christmas in July has drawn to an end.

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