Christmas in July – View from an Alex

As previously mentioned in Christmas in July – Lisa’s:

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KSP Writer’s Centre A.K.A. The greatest writing centre in the world were having a literary dinner the evening of my Tuesday Writers Circle. So I made that our writing theme. Mum again wouldn’t write (because she is stubborn) and no one who wasn’t family came (because too many have met me). But triumphantly Tablet wrote, and read.  And what’s more gave me permission to hand little mini anthologies to everyone at the dinner. 2393

Anyway I thought you might enjoy our efforts too, so middling with the Great Xandrian’s, enjoy.

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Why the hell are we dealing with Christmas in July?

I mean who really cares when we get snow
Some places, for example here, never have snow
So why have a Christmas in July?Snowmen1

Even if you get snow at this time of the year
It doesn’t change when yule tide magic appears
Not for some silly Christmas in JulySnowmen 4

Why concentrate on such a thing as a white Christmas
When there are so much more important things
Instead we celebrate Christmas in July

Why make a holiday to celebrate the fact
That South of the Equator misses out
That is the true meaning of Christmas in JulySnowmen 2Snowmen 3

Unless you want to take some more magic away
And say it’s all about getting more gifts
By making a Christmas in July

All we do is celebrate, well celebrating
And it just doesn’t seem worth it
Having Christmas in July
Snowmen 5


July Scroll
Presented as a scroll with star stickers


If you have been less than appalled by this piece please continue with Christmas in July – The Tablet Version

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4 thoughts on “Christmas in July – View from an Alex

    1. I can’t believe you have Christmas in July, our only justification is that as we are in the Southern hemisphere and want to have a winter Christmas. Anything to make sales I suppose.

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