This is Autism, the hidden disability

This lady has an incredible insight into her Autistic child. Until we all accept that the gift of Autism is also accompanied by incredible challenges for the individual and their family, we are not going to be able to make positive changes. I personally see autism as a positive BUT until we get words that separate the wonderful variation in thinking and sensing from the painful, awful symptoms of autism, seriously what other words can a parent use. My God, you have a great attitude, you are doing so well doing a horrible job, I congratulate all of team Lachlan.

About a boy, a family and Autism

I started this blog as I wanted to create a positive space to show how far we have come, don’t get me wrong my magical wee man has moved mountains to get to where we are today, in this post I am going to be 100% honest with the world about the complete living hell, living with Autism is not just for Lachlan but for his brother and sister and us his parents. This post has been bubbling and building in me for months, I am at breaking point now, exhausted, broken and deeply hurt, this is the result of the constant battle against ignorant people, a system that doesn’t work and an uncaring world.

Every thoughtless coment, wounds.

I now fully understand what other parents meant when they referred to Autism as the hidden disability.

Do you have any idea how much my little boy suffers?

Do you have…

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Things I am Trying to do.

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I Tried Teachering Sumting to Tablet at KSP

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