Exercising the Writing Muscles.

Yes the crazy characters at KSP Writing Centre are still letting me give real people exercises to do.  Here’s last week’s:

To write about writing is such a drag
The only thing worse is my facillitator’s nag

0049 crop
Without a life of her own, she’s destroying mine!
If I was asleep at home all would be fine.

Where’s my inspiration, where are the bunnies?
It’s my true ambition to write syndicated funnies,

A book for the sick kids to get me into heaven,
A series of fantasies all in volumes of seven.

I like to research and to play with my words.
Though I made a mistake there that’s clearly absurds.

I wish every event had at least one double meaning,
A naughty double entendre in a funerary keening.

My passions are words no one else ever uses,
My erudite arrogance cruelly used for confuses.

7564 c
I hate all the writing, the act, even computer typing!
Why not open my skull and just let my thoughts spring?

Brain Spring
I like to read out aloud like a ham, it is true.
But I fear that second I stop and face the review.


What I hate most of all is to edit and edit,
Screaming aloud ‘How many times have I read it!’

My favourite is my characters deciding their own fates;
A release for my tensions, a tonic for my hates.


Characters Yes, Children, Not so much!

BTW the aqua word after Dead on the white board is line if you can’t see it properly.


Tabitha wouldn’t write anything so I had to Give her prompts.

‘Type I’ I said and she eventually did.



“A as in a”

‘Mon, French for mine’

‘Key, as in the piece of metal you insert into a lock’

“No Alex not a lock pick’

She not only refused to type the ‘key’ but she deleted the rest.  Obedience is not her strong suit.


So the I tried prompting her with helpful starter lines, but none took.

However I accidently made a poem while I was trying to teach.

I was writing a poem but then I got stuck.
I have changed my ambitions to driving a truck.
I shall speed off to Brisbane and then back to Perth,
Driving rings around Saturn before returning to Earth.

Crop Truck-in-the-road_MJ7W3qSu

Was Tabby grateful for all my assistance, no of course not.  She is a teenager, she is my Mother’s grandchild and worst of all she is Tabby.

I get gratitude from Alex.  I never know what for, but she’s very grateful.

New problem however:

Those that can Do!

Those that can’t Teach!

Those that can’t teach, Teach Phys.Ed!

Oh no not Phys. Ed. Tabby must learn stuff on pain of death.

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

4 thoughts on “Exercising the Writing Muscles.

    1. Western culture does seem to stigmatise self praise. I suppose eventually the only people that used erudite were people putting down others. So it becomes a word used predominantly for snobbery.

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