Silence Filled the Room

Silence filled the room.


This statement is just not realistic.

The room I am in is relatively quiet.


The air conditioner makes small puddles of noise, bird song delicate and sweet dashes in and out of the window, small, easily missed.


The dog’s snoring can only be found during a pause.

1838 c

The noise of my typing takes up the most space but even that is not much.

I tell a lie the occasional truck, roaring by takes up a whole corner, while its there but it never stays for long.

trucks and traffic

I think it is very difficult in this day and age for silence to completely fill a room there are always little spaces still occupied by small sounds we usually don’t notice but if we pay attention we can always find them.

Christmas Cards Filling Mail Box

Besides that doesn’t seem to me too be an apt description.

If silence filled the room there would be no space for noise to get in.

Tropical Vine Tree
Tropical Caribbean mangrove tree filled with vines.

Noise can fill a room, partially or fully.

In a room filled to the brim with noise there is no room for even a tiny bit of silence.


Is silence just the word we use when noise doesn’t fill the room?

Is silence merely a way of saying Noise has emptied the room?blur-motion-effect-backdrop_7knofw

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

6 thoughts on “Silence Filled the Room

    1. I agree. I think even people who think they want silence actually just want less noise; the absence of intruding noise perhaps. Silence is extrememely rare and very eerie.


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