I Need A Habit

Okay, so if I want to keep blogging I have to keep posting.  But I don’t have any posts ready.

I got way over anxious as my children’s lives spiralled.  Unfortunately one of my reactions was stimming; and a big trigger was computer glitches, so when I typed I would start to hit the keyboard instead and my mouse manipulation was too jerky to work.  So minimal computery stuff was getting done.
I also had a mobile phone crash, so communication became impossible, my well organised calendar became scribbled notes on random paper, and that was when I could write stuff without scribbling.

Blah, blah, blah, anyway I was writing and typing at KSP and some other times but with such time restrictions that they are saved under weird names on random thumbdrives or again scribbled on random pieces of paper.

But waiting until they are found and ready to go is yet another block to restart blogging.  As is my terrible fear that while I haven’t been reading your posts terrible things have happened to you and yours and even answering your comments I will say something insensitive.  I missed you guys.

Anyway, I am putting aside all these concerns and writing complete nonsense until I can find, clean up and present the stuff I want to post.


You have been warned; random ramblings are ahead for all you foolish readers.

TTFN and Happy 2018.  It will be better, it has to be.  Touch wood, no really, touch wood all of you!


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

11 thoughts on “I Need A Habit

  1. Ugh! I went through the computer-from-hell business last year in April through May or so. Then I went from a flip phone to a smart[ass] phone that I finally learned to make use of, but not before I had to answer it in my car till I figured out how to answer it on the phone itself. Hang in there! May the worst of your technology issues be over soon and may you return to proper bloggery! soon!

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    1. Thanks! I know where you are coming from my angel husband found me a large font flip phone. Less gimmicks more just being a phone; I love it. Kids have my smart phone and they are busily communicating in myriad ways with all their friends.

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      1. Had I known how frustrating learning how to use that technology (which didn’t come with the usual 400-page manual in four languages that I could have used for once) was, I would have avoided it. Of course, I’d just bought a 2016 VW Golf Sportwagen, new, and it came with the capability of connecting with a smart phone. That possibility staggered and enchanted my perception of what transportation had become…a technology trap from Hell! Ha! Live and learn, eh!? I use that smart phone more as a camera than as a phone. I could have bought a really nice digital camera that I could send photos to my email for what the smart phone cost, and kept using my simple (and understandable) flip phone for those two or three calls a month I typically make. Whew! After all that windy commentary, I think you have the actual smart phone!

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    1. 2017 was bad for a lot of people I know. 2018 will be brilliant for everyone, touch wood frantically. In fact if my writing goals work out (they made us write them) I will be a billionairess with my own planet, so that will be nice.

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  2. Very happy to hear from you. Hope the kids are doing better. Don’t worry too much about what you blog – I have talking animals doing my work 🙂 Hope you have a peaceful, happy 2018

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      1. Oh he is helping, its his typist (me) that is letting the side down. Everytime I was at Friday Writer’s group and had writer’s block Charlie would dictate his story like a champ.


  3. I’ve been not writing or blogging so much recently myself. A lot going on in life, which just overwhelmed me and my brain shut down into survival mode. Trying to pick up the pieces and carry on and get back to work. Glad to see you posting. Love this blog.

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  4. Picking up the pieces and getting your life back is the final challenge after a problem. I think for me often that is a stumbling block to getting better at all. A few times in between actual crisises trying to get myself back on track made life hell. But it is still the best way forward. Stand strong it will work eventually and thank you so much your reply meant a lot to me.


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