Identifying and coping with being not autistic (or having Nonautism Disorder)

I found this on Facebook and it is too important not to share.

A Voice Released

(Rachel is a normal, healthy autistic who has been working with Nonautistic sufferers all her life)

Non-autism Disability is a triad of impairments involving three or more of the following disorders:

1. Muted sensory awareness: Where the sufferer has a defective or lessened sense of smell, touch, hearing or visual awareness. Their palate might also be muted meaning they eat too much. Being defective in sound and vision abilities means they are often unaware of everything going on around them and miss out a lot on life. Sometimes they barely notice a touch or a flickering light as if they are not fully switched on to life.

2. Low Awareness Disorder: People inflicted with Nonautism Disability are often not taking in their surroundings enough and block out or ignore lots of detail. Although frustrating to live with people like this (friends, partners and families often report how they…

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3 thoughts on “Identifying and coping with being not autistic (or having Nonautism Disorder)

  1. we must find a cure for non-autism!

    p.s. if the logo for a$ is a puzzle piece, it stands to reason that the logo for nas (non-autism speaks) is a puzzle with a piece missing.

    non-autism speaks

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