But I Don’t Want To Teach Phys Ed.

‘Those that can; do.

Those that can’t; teach!

Those that can’t teach, teach Phys Ed.’

Family - young woman and kid - doing fitness exercises indoors

One of my favourite sayings, but therein lies the problem.  I like this because it picks on PE teachers; I loathe approximately half the PE teachers I’ve met.  I have met some seriously great ones too, but I digress.

Healthy Girl Exercising And Checking Her Waistline Outside

I digress like a champion.  Digression is my forte and one of my favourite forms of communication.


Wait that might be part of the problem!

What problem?  Well if you would stop encouraging me to digress all the time I could actually get to the bit where I tell you what the problem is!

Mind you I don’t promise anything!

Any who; I don’t like some PE teachers, but I absolutely can not stand Physical Education.  It requires physical activity.  I am an unfit, unhealthy, achy, tired lump of fat old lady, I can’t be active.  The most physical thing I can do is threatening to roll on people, I can’t even roll on people because threatening takes a lot of breathing and mouth movement and frankly, leaves me needing a nap.

Ah a nap!  I could be napping right now!


No, no, concentrate, you are writing a blog!  It is important!  Nap during the kids’ dinner time or something.

Okay, so why my sudden regret at my lack of Phys. Ed. skills?



Because,  (Oh this bit makes me cry) because…


That’s right, I am a failure at teaching in its most dilute form; facilitating.

People have stopped coming to the Friday session I took over and now they won’t come to Tuesday’s Circle if they know I am going to be in charge.  This has happened too many times now!  It’s real!  I must face it!  I can’t teach!

But I am not going to teach Phys. Ed.  I am going to handle this in a mature and responsible way.

I am going to become morose and vindictive!

Details now, not details on my revenge.  I haven’t plotted that!  I am sleepy and its hard to plot revenge while simultaneously typing about something else when you are sleepy.  I am sorry I am not superman.  Superman could probably teach!


What on Earth are you raving about now?  I hear you ask.  At least I think its you.  It could be the voices in my head pretending to be you, so I will listen to them.  Oh, I don’t usually listen to the voices in my head, we had a disagreement, okay a fight, it even turned violent, so I am no longer speaking to them.  Until they apologise!

Oh, the point of the raving, well:  I was asked to cover this week’s Tuesday Writer’s Circle because Lisa couldn’t make it.  Off to tyrannize some villagers probably.  And out of the kindness of my heart I agree.  I may not have been early due to circumstances beyond my control; including forgetting.

Only one person turned up.  Only one!  And she arrived in our car.

Plus even though I was informed that she didn’t pay because of a shortage of change, there was a complaint lodged with KSP’s director.  Apparently Alex found the facilitating was of an unacceptable standard, and would not be paying.  At least that’s what her mother said.


I hate Alex’s mother sometimes, she is so pushy, petty and demanding.  And she smells odd!  So now I have a complaint lodged against me.  And I’m going to have to go to trial twice.  You know once as complainant next as defendant.

I assigned the project ‘Write mean poems about those traitors that aren’t here’.  A solid old favourite used through the ages to help improve writing skill.

Then my mother got all dictatorial and horrible and was disruptive.

Oh and most importantly of all I saw a small raptor with brown wings and a beige chest/tummy.  It was the coolest.

Osprey Bird Carrying a Fish
This is not what I saw, I haven’t got a picture of what I saw.  This is a North American Osprey.  The thing I saw was probably West Australian.  Seriously though it was possibly a small Wedge tailed Eagle (A Wedgie) or a Brown Falcon.

Ha Ha, none of you traitors got to see the hawk or the magpie learning how to fly.  Sucked in!  Ha ha ha!

Gavin insisted a photo was taken of the rare event; he cleaned the fish tank, the top one.

Just a note here; all the photos of us were taken by Cat, who is far too young to hold a camera steady and should; mea culpa, never have been given the responsibility.  24 years old is too young to control a big, complex camera.  Thanks to Story Blocks formerly Graphic Stock for the real pictures.

PS.  Mean poems can not be displayed here as they contain names, and the names rhyme with things and stuff like that.  Again my brilliance, and the lesser but still luminary brilliance of my best student Alex, will be kept hidden.


PPS.  I was scared of offending PE teachers, but Gavin reassured me, ‘How many of them can use computers!’

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

6 thoughts on “But I Don’t Want To Teach Phys Ed.

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog takes my mind of my problems and brightens up my day.Love the photos. Great Gavin cleaned one fish tank must have took him ages,I used to have a much smaller tank and hated cleaning it I ended up with most off the smelly tank water on me,maybe that’s why I gave it up too much hard work.x😻🐾🐾🐾🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, writing them takes my mind off mine. That huge double tank was a huge mistake, Gavin’s oddly enough most pet mistakes are mine, they are nearly impossible to clean. But you know what they say, ‘Treat’em mean, keep’em keen!’

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You made me think of a PE teacher I had in 9th grade. She couldn’t get down on the floor to demonstrate how to do a push-up, so she pushed against a wall to demonstrate (you would think she might have been able to find a student who could get on the floor)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. PE teachers are so evil, I just spent a meeting complaining about one, and an English teacher. At least they give us some common ground to start conversations with new people.
      Angel Faye loved her PE teachers she tells me, we all know about THAT kid.

      Liked by 1 person

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