Orion’s Magnanimous Musings!

Lucky fans and Burmese devotees, you must be so desperate for more of my musings.

I recently realised I have only told you about the whomans I live with; oh, and I told you about my bestie; Cushion.  But lots of other things live in my house.  I am such a benign and generous Imperator.

I have 3 cats.  Smokie and Pixie are more like fluffy clouds than cats; their mum was a rag doll not a cat at all, and their father was a mystery.  Wait, I just thought of something; maybe they aren’t cats at all.

If anyone knows what Smokie and or Pixie really are could they write in and tell me.  There is a tremendous reward; knowing you have made me pleased.  Isn’t that a great reward?  Of course it is!

Pixie is rather reclusive but grumpy; she tries to eat her own food, can you believe the impertinence.  Smokie; he be my bro!  He is great; but sometimes his size and weight delude him into thinking he is my boss.  Worse yet, sometimes brute weight triumphs and he kinda is my boss.  But mainly he’s a pillow or fun.  What I love best is when Smokie does something good; like being brushed, he insists on getting his treat but he lets me eat them.  He watches me proudly and beats up any girl cat that comes near in case they disturb my snack.  He also makes sure I get his leftovers when he can’t finish his share of Mummy’s food.  I am his favourite!  He is a wise cat; or whatever he is!


Echo is an old lady cat who is also a Mog; Orion translation: Mog, a handle less mop who bites.  Echo grooms me sometimes and lets me sleep on her.  We also play this fun game that Smokie tells me she loves; ‘Beat-Up Echo’.  No, I don’t know why Echo likes to be beaten up!  But who am I to stand in the way of her pleasures.  This is how I first learned the game; Smokie and Pixie trap Echo somewhere and hit her.  I, being such a gregarious guy, join in and bop her too.  She pretends to cry; now this is the bit I don’t get, I think Echo is playing wrong; probably because she is extremely stupid.  When Echo pretends to cry Mummy comes and breaks up the game; everytime, silly Mummy, stupid Echo.


Can I smell…  Is that food?  People food?

You’re on your own!


Oh wait, send treats,


Star of Burmese Tigers.

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

12 thoughts on “Orion’s Magnanimous Musings!

  1. Loved reading your blog today,made me laugh(which I find difficult to do these days) your all such gorgeous pussy cats.x😻😸🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾💞


  2. Hahaha, such fun!
    You have beautiful animals, by they way. They all look happy and healthy (despite some beating ups).


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