9 thoughts on “My Depressing Life or This was supposed to be funnier but then I started writing.

  1. everyone is gorgeous! i will listen to sir gavin moaning and grab him in my arms and do the dance of joy.

    “oh god, not the dance of joy again…”

    yes, sir gavin! now we dance! ❤

    get the equipment grant– what alex needs is a robot to carry stuff around. she cant have a car, so it can put her on its shoulders and take her into town. if she faints, it can catch her.

    psychologists are mostly nutters themselves, its what attracts them to the profession– except while theyre professional when it comes to psychology, when it comes being nutters they are rank amateurs without enough experience to relate to any real person, sheltered by the trappings of their careers. or perhaps the aussie ones– nah!

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      1. the ideal man for cat will be someone like basil fawlty (im not saying shes sybil, but i bet she can do the accent) or a younger version of o’reilly:

        “well t be parfectly honest missus fawlty, i like a woman wit spirit!” “i do, i do!” and if she thinks im making fun of her (which i am most certainly not, but if she thinks i am…)

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    1. As we don’t qualify for an assistance dog, or monkey, the most useful thing we could possibly have, shut up Mum and Gavin we need another dog. It would be an German Shepard and trained to find fainted family members and stop Alexes running into the road. Where was I, yes we need a robot. We must have a robot.

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  2. I am so sorry. I have dealt with the government disability system over here, and will concede that it sounds like yours may be even worse. I hope things will improve for you. I think you are very talented. If I can help by Skype or something, let me know.

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