Now That I Am-not at all in any way but prone to delusions-Famous

I need to own stuff. Well actually even poor not famous people need to own stuff.  What I mean is I need to stop childishly making up cards and thingies with pictures I find on the internet.  So I went to Graphic Stock and Pixabay and bought pictures to decorate my weird cards and stuff. … Continue reading Now That I Am-not at all in any way but prone to delusions-Famous

I’m No Food Blogger, But…

or No Alex I Am Not Turning Into One Of Those People, What Do you Mean I'm Too Old! My mother likes coffee shops!  I think its a vestige of her teaching career, teachers are mad on coffee shops, and wine but that's another story.  Anyway if I am really good and really polite and … Continue reading I’m No Food Blogger, But…


Spring is the season of Pollen Relentless attacks without pause Fluttering into our faces Sneaking under closed doors. My face is terribly swollen My nose no longer drips Instead it oozes like molasses Until it inevitably slips. My eyes are perpetually itchy My throat and ears scratch and burn. My head is painful and heavy … Continue reading Spring!

Cat Forum: Interview with the Cats from Down Under

As to the interesting people in the house, they were interviewed. They let me type. Check out the rest of this site while you are there.

Adventures in Cheeseland


Greetings. Snoops and Kommando Kitty here. We have a pawsome interview for you today with the cats from Autistsix, It’s a great blog, except the cats don’t get nearly enough space. It’s about a family who live in Australia,which is apparently Down Under something. (The editors said to include it.) The lady who writes it says the whole family is a little unique because of something called Autism Spectrum Disorder. We don’t really know what she’s talking about; as far as we can tell, they aren’t any stranger than a lot of the other humans we know.


Would you please introduce yourselves?

Orion – I am Orion Prince of Burmese Tigers, I am also a star.

Smokie – I’m Smokie, pleased to meet you.  I am a puppy cat.

Pixie – I am Pixie, I am confused, oh wait that’s not what I mean, I am…

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KSP A Dialogue Exercise

Now don't be silly!  This was a very sensible exercise to encourage us to improve our creativity by using predominantly dialogue to illustrate a specific scene.  Lisa - Lisa Wolstenholme, our facilitator and resident genius had a very specific scene in mind. That's right! And the conversation was to be conducted by sheep. My piece. … Continue reading KSP A Dialogue Exercise