Spammed Again

Okay, so my life has been over stuffed with things to do and crisises and sleeping and or staring into space while my mind went wandering off.  I wonder where it went, it won’t tell me because…  It won’t tell me that either.


I had indescribably huge numbers of emails and posts to read.  Every time I tried to catch up, it would go wrong.  So I decided to be ruthless and wipe lots of stuff.  But I still missed the big picture, the thing that was slowing down my email account.  The deep dark hidden recesses of computerdom that were destroying me.

Buried in paperwork

But to go back a little in this story of anguish and cruel betrayal.

Yahoo changed my email page thing-a-me.  You know if I learnt some computer terminology I might be able to use ‘Help’!  And I know its not a big change, and I know it is probably a change for the better, but its different and confuses me.

Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling Problem

I am Autistic!  I don’t like change!  And small things put me off and can really impact on my behaviour.  If computers were made by geeks why are they turning against us?  Why are they sucking up to Neurotypicals?

We made you!  Come back, computers, forget usability by the proles!


So this change in Yahoo prevented me from noticing a truly terrible and terrifying event, occurring right under my very nose.

Yahoo was sending a lot of my emails to SPAM.


Perfectly lovely emails that I needed to know about.  Like likes, moderation requests and follows for my blog, and a awful lot of emails from a person I know and have been corresponding with, you know who you are.  By the way I can only access my Blog moderation file thingy when I follow the email link to approve a comment, then I follow the links and quickly check my Blog Spam.  So that has really built up too.

I am sooooooooooooo sorry!

Cherise is sorry too!


A few times there I kinda thought some of the emails I was sent, as well as some of the comments on my blog didn’t make sense, but I thought;  who am I to judge whether people make sense.  They make sense now, obviously because I had missed messages in between.


Anyway I apologize because some of this has been me!

But I complain loudly, because Yahoo hid my Spam from me and out of sight out of mind.

It looked to me as if I had no Spam.


I know what you are thinking:

How could any rational person think they were suddenly not getting any Spam?

Because the rubbish mail was getting through to my Inbox.  Actually in a month I only ended up with 12 Spam emails that were caught in my SPAM file.  12 emails I didn’t want amongst over 1800 emails I wanted to at least know about.

I am grumpy!  I am grumpy and guilty!  I hate being guilty when its not all my fault!

I like being guilty when it is really not my fault at all and I am being noble, taking the blame.

Being guilty when it is partially my fault makes me so angry and nuts!  I hate this!




Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

2 thoughts on “Spammed Again

  1. “If computers were made by geeks why are they turning against us? Why are they sucking up to Neurotypicals?”

    although i think nd/nt relations are very important (how can we ask for neurodiversity if we refuse to grant it in exchange?) i am COMPLETELY against suffering any nt to control the design of computer interfaces**!

    that has always been a pure nightmare. its bad for us, its bad for them– the only people that ever benefit are microsoft and apple (and their subsidiary, google.) SHUT IT DOWN!

    ** full disclaimer– i am technically helping an nt design a computer interface of a sort right now, but under my own personal supervision:

      gr "hello, world!"
    cap gr
    lft gr 5
    chg "grn"
    cmts gr

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