Orion’s Adventures in Underwear

Hello again, you lucky, lucky people!  It’s me; Orion the Burmese Tiger Star.

A fun thing happened this morning when Mummy was putting on her fake fur.  So she was pulling on the stretchy things she calls knickers.  She was sitting on the bed because waking up is soooo tiring.  Then I thought if they are called knickers I should nick them and brighten up Mummy’s day!


‘Tres amusant!’  ‘How witty!’  ‘What a wag!’  I hear you say!  And I must modestly acquiesce, I am not only brilliant, not to mention incredibly beautiful, I am also  natural born entertainer.  I would say comedian but my sense of humour is too refined to be categorized so broadly.  I am a raconteur!  I am a great wit, I even heard Mummy admit I was a ‘nit wit’.


So with Burmese precision I leapt into the air.  I got one front leg in the leg hole, so right where it should be.  Maybe I should call it the legs hole because it had both Mummy’s and my legs in the same hole.  It is important to be accurate.

Then I twisted and wrapped the stretchy around my manly chest, I got one of my back feet into the other LegS hole, and then the stupid stretchy broke.  Fortunately Mummy saved her precious prince from falling and gave me a cuddle to soothe my nerves.


Mummy put the bad, broken stretchy in the bin for trying to kill me.  So I’ll go back & find it later.

Actually I better find it now before Catsy steals the bin and takes the contents ‘out the door’; never to be seen again.

Must hurry,

Send treats,


SUPER Star Burmese Tiger!

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

9 thoughts on “Orion’s Adventures in Underwear

  1. i expected a cat prancing around in stockings or jocks, instead its just orion standing on a keyboard.

    i understand; sometimes those “candid” pictures dont make it back from the developers. but i thought you were digital now. anyway next time orion, how about glasses, naturally lilac-coloured hair, you know– the full edna?

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    1. When I agreed to the advertising I promised a family friendly blog, pictures like that would be far too titillating for younger readers. Honestly there are plenty of sites on the internet for THOSE things, deviant.

      Liked by 1 person

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