750 and 0

I have just realised; I have 750 followers, but no cake.

Chocolate cake

On one hand I am seriously happy.  Long term, the growth of followers is important, like massively.


I am reaching people, I am liked.  I mean like all this stuff is incredibly important and…


But in the short term:

I don’t have cake.


Not any cake at all.

How can I even concentrate on life in my extreme cakeless condition?


Now not having cake is reducing my quality of life!


I can’t think of anything except cake.

Delicious cake

There is only one solution:


Send me cake!!!


I hope the icing (frosting) doesn’t mess up the interweb.


But I don’t Care!


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

11 thoughts on “750 and 0

  1. i will have to make you a (chocolate) cake sometime. im rubbish at cooking (too many things to do at once) i used to be alright at baking.

    since im rusty i may need to make a couple (and sample) a couple practice runs, to make certain ive still got it. but if i make the icing first, it can also be used on biscuits/lolis/marshmallows.

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    1. i believe it will work. its an intimidating url, but it appears to be alright.

      youd think google images would have something more reasonable than that. then again, im trying to use “google” and “reasonable” in the same line.

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      1. more important than the cake** is the cloaking device, as theres a father/daughter team dieting.

        although banned by the federation, they are approved by weight watchers and le cordon bleu australia.

        **only joking

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    1. Cake is the ultimate and yet I can only get my pet baker working by tricking him into baking for events. He made several batches of biscuits for the KSP night yet I can sit on the couch for hours plaintively crying out for a simple French teacake and all he does is laugh.


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