Why Was Everyone Criticizing Me? Part 1

Alright maybe it was my turn!  But Mum was criticizing me as I got out of the car.  Tabitha deliberately skived off school just for the chance to criticize me, we refused to take her.  Alex was so sickened that her criticism of me consisted of throwing up and refusing to be seen in my presence.  Then an entire room of people pointed out all my faults.



Well actually my family are always criticizing me.  Gavin is too soft on the kids so he claims I’m too hard.  Bad mother, hopeless, no sympathy, lazy, spoilt, wait; that was me saying those things.  Good grief I can’t even escape criticism in my own head.

Terrifying hey?

Are you thoroughly confused yet?

Have you asked the all important question yet?

Why am I reading this rubbish? and/or Is she getting worse?

Well I do have a headache on the right side of my head, near the temple, which tends to make me less focused.  But I had a point when I started.  Didn’t I?


Starting with the morning; Gavin dressed Tab, actually dressed her like a lifeless doll, and took her to school.  An hour later she was sent home because she couldn’t speak.  Why?  Well if you believe her father and grandmother it is stress and anxiety.  But the real reason is; she had found out it was criticize Lisa day and wanted in; with a side dose of but Tash had a day off yesterday.  Ha ha I didn’t let her come with us, so she still missed out!


Alex hadn’t done her homework for writer’s club.  Am I surprised?  No, I as her mother am fully aware of her full time flake-a-tude.  But then she pretended to be ill.  She sat next to Daddy and then whined about her tummy.

At one point she said,’Daddy, Mom is in a mood, she is about to get yelly!’

‘No, Sweetie, Mummy is just worried about you!’


‘No, she’s right for once!’ I point out,’And why is Mummy in a bad mood, Alex?’

‘I don’t know Daddy!’ snuggles into his shoulder, hiding her face.  ‘She’s just mean?’

Anyway Daddy thought Baby Al may have a virus, Grandma thought the prospect of criticizing made her so anxious she made herself ill, but only I know the truth; she read my story and it made her physically ill.  So upshot she stayed home too.


So off we drive to KSP and as soon as I step out of the car Mum starts in on me.  I can’t even remember what she was picking on me about.  Oh well she’s getting older it was probably something from the distant past or she mistook me for someone else.  Paying to much attention to the insane elderly will do your head in.

Everyone wanted to know where Alex was.  So I told then she was as mentally present as any other day.  I discussed doddery old people and how they can’t look after themselves with a guy, my mother just laughed, I’m getting worried about her.

I am not allowed to put photos of my mother on the internet.  I’m not allowed to put pictures of Cat either but she doesn’t hit as hard.

And then it was on for young and old; criticize Lisa day.  You see, we; KSP Writer’s Circle, are writing an Anthology together and this was the day where my piece was being critiqued.  OMG a full hour of people talking about me, a dream come true for an ego-centric, arrogant loon like myself.  Why can’t every day revolve around me?

So great feedback and my homework is to look at pictures of Greek Islands.  Oh no, how awful, I have to look at pretty pictures.


But it doesn’t end there, check out part 2 which I may remember to post eventually.




Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

7 thoughts on “Why Was Everyone Criticizing Me? Part 1

  1. terrible post!

    (only joking) ❤

    but do tell when the next criticise lisa day is, i will put it on my calendar. (or isnt it every day?)

    "Alex was so sickened that her criticism of me consisted of throwing up and refusing to be seen in my presence. "

    im sure that she meant it in the nicest way possible. i will send her a get-well-soon note, even if shes probably fine by now. i try really hard to make my notes to her short enough that she doesnt get dizzy reading them 😦 i sincerely hope it wasnt my note that made her throw up. (i really thought it was shorter, i kid you not.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Agh, I reckon these are/were tough times, and if that’s the case, I totally feel for you 💜. But I must give you kudos for your sense of humor! “Flake-a-tude”, and “one more photo and the camera dies” – gave me a warm chuckle! 😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

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