Weather Forecast

Our eldest is going to Super Nova or some such thing tomorrow and is a bit nervous.  Not because of the possible gravitation issues, its a collecting, sci/fi thingamajig not a astrological whatsit.  I think my linguistic skills are compromised by a lack of sleep.

Anyway she is nervous because she is basically a recluse but in order to collect sci/fi stuff she must go to places populated by the scariest creatures in the universe; that’s right, humans.


So the point is 5 minutes after bedtime…  Yes she is 24 and she has a bedtime, she ignores said bedtime and wanders about asking for drinks and telling us she has had a nightmare or has heard a noise.  A parenting line told me for the sake of our marriage and sanity we should set a bedtime.  It was not reasonable to insist they go to sleep but as soon as they are old enough to understand it is fair to ask them to remain in their room.  And most importantly to leave their father & I alone for a few minutes for the love of God!  Once they reach the age were they can understand that we will start working on deciding on an appropriate bedtime for themselves.  We are waiting for the 24 year old to get it.


I don’t have much evidence to go on because when I was 24 I didn’t have a bedtime.  I stayed up all night and kept asking my husband for drinks and to check noises.  Cat & Alex didn’t help they were very restless babies.

I was talking about something…

Oh!  5 minutes after her bedtime she comes out and asks about the weather tomorrow.


“What about it?” enquired her father.

“Will it be hot or cold?”

“It will probably be cold…” he answered.

“Or hot!”  I added helpfully.

“You guys are jerks!” and she pulled her poor daddy’s hat down over his eyes and then walked to the doorway.  “Good night, jerks!”


“Good night!” I called lovingly.

It is very important to send your children to bed feeling calm and loved.


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

8 thoughts on “Weather Forecast

  1. i would agree that you shouldnt tease the stressed, and i would mean it– but cat doesnt believe you when youre nice, so perhaps you did good? (still not joking.

    be jerks, but go easy on her. and if shes going amongst the hoomans, make certain shes had all her inoculations, theyre filthy beasts!

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