I Hate Hoomans! part 4.

I have been working hard on a competition run by KSP Writers’ Centre and the City of Mandurah called “Story Horse”.  I was trying to edit it down from 2175 words down to 2000 which is what I thought I remembered the limit was.  I cut it down to 2069 and then corrections brought it up to 2200.  Before I tried again I decided to double check.  Maybe the limit was 3000.  It was 800.  I looked at my story and gave up.  I wrote a humourous (hopefully) 799 words using the same characters but a happier day.

What do I do with 2200 random words about horses?


But it would probably make more sense if you started at part 1.

We used to live all together in one big field with lots of water and shade trees.  We could talk to the cows next door and glare at the vehicles on the road. Now we are each in tiny little paddocks.  With paddocks for the grass to rest, why does grass need to rest it never does anything.  But Coach Whip says we are too hard to catch in a big field and that we fight.  Of course we are hard to catch, we hate her, her and the flighty filly herd.  Would you like to be yelled at, tugged & pushed all the while they complain that we aren’t doing something when they never bother to tell us what?  That’s when they can be bothered speaking to us at all, they are usually too busy squealing at each other.  They knock into us, hurt us and put the rider holders on wrong.  Alright I’ll admit it, we breathe out so the rider holders don’t fit but that is because we hate the vaulterer fillies and we are trying to teach them to pay attention.  Coach Whip’s method of hitting us to make us breathe just shows what a sadist she is.

Woman cowgirl in hat walking with her horse in village

And we do fight, it’s harder to put up with the jerk horses when you are already fed up.  My coat itches because I wasn’t brushed properly after my last rider.  Ronnie’s is worse because the broken dam has been scared off vaultering, at least Mummy does my brush once a day.  The jerk horses are on edge, the big boys are stoic.appaloosa-gelding-horse_zyfwSLdO

Plus the new fences are nasty!  Brando was showing off to Suzy and got caught in the wire, he screamed until the water fixing stallion came running.  He got Brando out, Brando was quiet & sore for ages,  but the fence made the vaulterer stallion’s brokenness worse and he lay in the field twitching, we gave him nuzzle therapy for ages until Mummy and her stallion came and took him to the dressing field then his mare turned up in a vehicle and drove him away.  He doesn’t come as often anymore, his mare comes with him and they will only come down to our field if Coach Whip is not around. The fillies are supposed to fix the water but they don’t bother to clean until the water is tasty.




Not bored yet, are you alright?  Try part 5.

BTW Thanks still Graphic Stock!




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