I Hate Hoomans! part 3.

I have been working hard on a competition run by KSP Writers’ Centre and the City of Mandurah called “Story Horse”.  I was trying to edit it down from 2175 words down to 2000 which is what I thought I remembered the limit was.  I cut it down to 2069 and then corrections brought it up to 2200.  Before I tried again I decided to double check.  Maybe the limit was 3000.  It was 800.  I looked at my story and gave up.  I wrote a humourous (hopefully) 799 words using the same characters but a happier day.

What do I do with 2200 random words about horses?


But it would probably make more sense if you started at part 1.


Now I got side tracked with the hoomans, I haven’t fully described us.  There is us ponies, sturdy and wise; my brother Ronnie is a dapple grey and I’m black and white, the mare Poppy is a cute strawberry roan, no relation, quite a girl but she can bite if we start ignoring the geld if you get my meaning; wink, wink.  There are the bigger boys, the jerk horses; Marvel the black, Brando the roan, Pablo the paint, Charlie & Mick are both bay and Stone the only one who was here before my brother & me, he’s a dapple grey too but white now.  Then there are the real big boys; placid and strong, Pronto brown, Jerry bay and Suzy’s a bay too.  They were policemen before they became vets.


Have you noticed we are mainly stallions; well actually we are geldings?  Mares are great, I love mares!  I mean you don’t have to be all there to nuzzle do you?  You know what I mean!  But mares can be easily frightened, and we are hoomans vets, we have to be really steady.  Poppy is a pony so a lot smarter than any jerk sized horse, and Suzy was a policeman, so they are okay.  We’ve had jerk sized mares before, some really attractive ones, but they aren’t steady enough for the riders.  Anyway they generally leave to have foals, they are mares after all.  Poppy says I’m no use to her when it comes to foals, but I don’t point out her age mainly because I want to nuzzle later but also because she bites.



We are all middle aged or older, you need life experience before you can become a hoomans vet.  But we are all fit and strong.  Which is lucky considering we live in open fields with no stables.  There is a path up to the dressing field where our rider holders are put on, another area where the riders are put on and then we either take the riders on a nature walk or exercise them in the big circle.  In bad weather there is a roofed big circle nearby.  It smells like stranger horses but riders are already broken and can’t be exposed to bad weather.

little girl is riding a horse


Still not bored yet, are you sure?  Try part 4.

BTW Thanks again Graphic Stock!



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