I Hate Hoomans! part 2.

I have been working hard on a competition run by KSP Writers’ Centre and the City of Mandurah called “Story Horse”.  I was trying to edit it down from 2175 words down to 2000 which is what I thought I remembered the limit was.  I cut it down to 2069 and then corrections brought it up to 2200.  Before I tried again I decided to double check.  Maybe the limit was 3000.  It was 800.  I looked at my story and gave up.  I wrote a humourous (hopefully) 799 words using the same characters but a happier day.

What do I do with 2200 random words about horses?


But it would probably make more sense if you started at part 1.

Now the hoomans I hate are the flighty filly hoomans herd!  They need a hoomans stallion to tell them what to do.  The older fillies that worked with Ole Coach are still okay, when they turn up.  But the new ones chatter to each other, tug at us, and complain all the time.  I hate’em!

Happy young woman with her horse at the farm

It’s all this new coach; Coach Whip’s fault.  I hate her too!  She ruined everything just when it was getting good. For a few years there we were using a great new system.  There was a lot of extra work involved because we had to teach the vaulterers but at least they were learning how to treat us properly.  “Ole Coach” & Nu Coach got a Parelli Natural Horsemanship instructor in and he told them what they were doing wrong.  So he worked with the vaulterer mares and fillies until they were ready to listen to us.  There was Mummy and me, the Broken Dam & Ronnie, Marvel with the filly Ronnie chewed and Brando with her mare sister, the other broken herd filly was with Suzy, the fourth is a foal too young to train properly, and Ole Coach had Stone, there were others I don’t know as well.

Horse closeup
Horse closeup

We put hours into teaching them how to approach us, put on the rider holders properly and even how to get away from scary things.  Oddly enough the broken herd were really good at getting away from scary things, most of the vaulterers didn’t even have the sense to know what to be frightened of.  When we weren’t working and our vaulterers was around we would take them for walks and show them where the best snacks were and listened to the nice noises they made, after we had taught then to stop squealing.  The broken herd were doing well at scary things, we showed them where the path was scary & they had their broken stallion fix it with extra dirt & stuff.  It was hard work but it was starting to pay off.


Then Nu Coach’s foal came due; I never saw the sire, he probably knew better than to show his hide around here.  Nu Coach left, Ole Coach got colicky and as elite athletes we needed a full time coach. Coach Whip arrived.  After all that time and effort she decides that Parelli is wrong, horses have to do what they are told.  Vaulterers are to be given their heads because they are rare and there are lots of us horses, and too many riders.

Brown Horse
A beautiful brown horse standing by the white fence.


Still not bored yet?  Try part 3.

BTW Thanks again Graphic Stock!



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