I Am A Sell Out

That’s right!  The lure of Midas has claimed another victim.  I have not only agreed to host ads, I have changed my site to please Mammon.


Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!

Bags Of Coins Showing American Treasure

Lele’s getting mon mon!

Smileys Smiling And 3d Character Showing Happiness

Seriously though I know it won’t be much.

But if you knew the number of people I m saying “Shut Up” to in my head now!




Let me know what you think!

Devil carrying businessman on shoulder


4 thoughts on “I Am A Sell Out

  1. A great thing is this is another nail in the coffin of forcing Cat & Alex into factory work or retail. If I can make money at writing it justifies my assertion that Alex could make a career in writing/art. Helped by the fact the aptitude test they made her take came out Journalist.


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