Finally Embracing Normalcy or Should We Have Eaten That Goblin!

So we are playing Dungeons & Dragons.   I have played once before as a teenager; actually I always really wanted to play but it was more a guy thing and I wasn’t pushy as a kid.  No seriously, it may be hard to believe but in person; except with my husband & kids I am a complete pushover.  I can sometimes fight for someone else but never ever myself.  And as a teen; surprise, surprise; I was worse.

Gavin played D&D and other such games a lot in his teens.  I was wary that it was a difficult and complicated thing to do, so I put it on the backburner of things for Gavin to do.  Let’s see; we’ve been married over 25 years; so its probably been on the backburner for about 29 years.

But now the kids want to play it.  Upon request Grandma got Alex some D&D stuff for her birthday.  Al used her birthday money to buy the rest.  And Alex & Tab started bugging Gavin.  It took him two weeks to reacquaint himself & create the game.  29 years for my request, a month for his offspring’s.

So Friday night Cat was fetched home from dog sitting and the game began.

Finally we are just like any normal human family.

Finally normal!

So my big question: is is it okay for a tiefling ranger & a gnome sorcerer to eat stirges (attacky bat thingies) and goblins that have fallen in battle?  I was thinking that as an aspiring beast master not hunter I would consider it a waste of meat, a future increase in deaths, to not use my dead enemies as sustenance.  The gnome agreed, the various elves; high (&Paladin), wood and even the drow (dark elf), of course did not feel comfortable partaking.  Even though they were both crispy fried; our gnome is a bit of an accidental firebug.


So the Dungeon Master gave me such a look when I thought of this.  He couldn’t find any rules about it so we did.  But Gavin is looking weird at me.  I think it was a sensible decision.  He’ll admit it was probably in character; but then he looks at me weirdly.

So who’s right; am I the weirdo or is it my daft husband?  Should we have eaten that goblin?

Mourning Keen
Thanks Hero master for this pic of me!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

13 thoughts on “Finally Embracing Normalcy or Should We Have Eaten That Goblin!

  1. once youre married, its possible to get away with putting off more dreams for your spouse than your kids. its because offspring (of all ages) are not as understanding as spouses.

    ive already promised alex that if she ever marries me, i will support her dreams as much as i can. i dont know if that means i will play d&d but i would certainly help if possible, and not wait until she has 4 kids to do so.

    nothing against sir gavin, (there are only so many hours in a day) but speaking for myself, i sure hope it doesnt take alex as long to marry me as it did for sir gav to setup the game. (also given your family, i really hope she does get around to it. ive always wanted to be around people that make me feel normal for a change, and it looks like you lot are perfect. i and do mean perfect.) also, i thought that was a banana at first.

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    1. I was exaggerating, not the time. Gavin & I both wanted to play D&D and we both put it off until the kids wanted to; it’s just more fun to blame Gavin. He has broad shoulders he can take it. Anyway he was snoring when I wrote this, so…. I had a point.
      Scarily enough when I was a teen and had pots of money I collected rocks (relatively harmless) and replica knives/daggers.

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  2. Just eat the gnome! I mean, I’ve never played the game (unfortunately, I may add), but who cares about a dead gnome anyway?

    Although… I may have stumbled upon the reason I never got invited to play D&D: maybe I don’t take it serious enough! D:

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  3. i was just about to write a (very) silly joke on a rather large envelope, when i got a great idea for your next halloween costume (or quest.)

    you should dress up as dame edna… it would be like the aussie version of victor/victoria.

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    1. That ia definitely an idea, although there is no Dame Edna in D&D; at least not at the beginner level. Most of me is fairly sure but now I’ve said it, I’m not entirely sure that Dame Edna may not appear at some point in the quest, now I’ve got something else to worry about.

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