Happy Lisa Day

A week late because of computer problems, this was to be Teale’s debut post.  But now we are posting it anyway.

This idea was born from a conversation with the wonderful & beneficent overlord of the writing circle I humbly attend at KSP Writer’s Centre, the most wonderful place on Earth.

Overlord central: Lisa 

Writing Palace: KSP


When two Lisas meet, magic happens!

My name for those that don’t know is Lisa.

So Happy Lisa Day 

Lovely Lisa:  liar; lazy, lascivious, lustful leech lands closer to the mark.

Intelligent: I wish, irritable, irritating, idolatrous, ink stained idiot, I fear.

Serene:  sorry no, salacious, sex crazed, sick, sad, stupid, struggling sinner.

Angelic:  are you kidding anti-Christ agent, authoritarian, antagonistic, arrogant, angry, aggressive A-hole, acting out, aching, angst ridden animal asking for aid.


Please note this is an exercise not an indication of my actual feelings (No sympathy needed).

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