5 Days Ago

No this is not just a quirky name.  I like quirky names, don’t you?  They kind of cheer you up when your life is ebbing down the drain.  They are the tinkle and gurgle that makes you laugh hysterically before the men in white coats tighten the staitjacket & give you the nice pills. Mmmm more blue ones for me please, I like the blue ones.


Whoops, that was an early and rather bizarre side trip.  Anyway; not just a quirky name a series with quirky connectable actually rather accurate names.  I shall wait for you to double check that you are on the right blog.

So it’s a series; so what?  Am I just blowing my own horn.  Lisa doesn’t write single blogs she writes series!  Bah you say; you could write entire series if nothing in them had to make sense.  Well yes, but then I would miss you, & I would have to read them.  And I’m sleepy and I have 10175 emails in my Posts to Read File and all the school & Psych thingamis to read too (78 smaller number, more boring).

181 words just to say; read 6 Days Ago. now.  This is how it ends up a series.  If I wrote things sensibly & concisely I wouldn’t have so many posts.  And I might get bored and start talking to my family, and that never ends well.


Story continues here:

Actually we went back in time using my time machine like powers.  Hah; if you had read my previous post you would know what I mean, if you remember, which you wouldn’t because you have a life.  Sorry, I mean my memory!

6 days ago but as… Work it out, I can’t & I may have been there.

So things are going well, no Microsoft Office, no lotsa stuff but all that it needs is two passwordy/codey thingies and I’m right, so cool.

I start on my first post of the new machine.  Hooray its all going well; its a lovely post about Lisa Day, and I’m happily typing.  Until I realise I can’t add media, save or publish: Gavin time.  Great timing I’m ready for a nap.  I remind him that a computer is not a computer until he has it for 6 days to set up.


“Don’t be silly,” he said.  “I’ll fix this in a jiffy!”

A jiffy for those who don’t know is a unit of time, colloquially it means a short time (literally it’s even shorter but I’ll give him that).  It does not refer to 1000 years; that is a millennium.

Now as I told him at 10:30 the following morning; 24 hours after the computer first arrived, 21 hours after I opened it; if he had told me at any time during the process that it was progressing or not I would not have complained & gotten angry.  I seriously expected; when I awoke from my nap, that the thing would be fixed.  Or; and I was quite open to the or, an update on what was going on would be forthcoming.

Every time I nagged I was half expecting the response that it was going to take a long time to fix, for any number of reasons.  But no I was repeatedly told ” almost done!”


More tomorrow.  Good grief its 5 to midnight what do you people expect of me.  I don’t like to say it, but you guys are demanding.

Am I talking to my followers or the voices in my head?  I don’t know anymore.  Bedtime!

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

10 thoughts on “5 Days Ago

  1. go ahead and listen to the voices, its as the same as would the followers. Learn to sort it out then youd know who you really need to listen to. Makes any sense?

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  2. “And I’m sleepy and I have 10175 emails”

    technically i only sent two emails, with 5090 paragraphs each. but i get it, you guys are on metric or something. i will have to wait to find out more. im thrilled theyre letting you talk to the outside world again. no wucking furries ❤

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      1. i didnt know alex wanted children. well, between the two of us they could be a bit weird, but in australia no one might notice (and *you* can just blame that theyre “part american.”) ❤

        granted if thats what she wants, she hasnt so much as visited deviantart in more than half a week. shes picked up any note about daily or so, but somethings keeping her away. i will love her forever, but i hope shes doing alright.

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  3. you may already know there is an alternative to microsoft office called libreoffice (there is a related one called openoffice– theyre cousins, id recommend trying both and keeping the one that gives you the least hassle… or just use the one gavin likes– he told me the cheques in the mail for saying that.)

    if you have microsoft office, then you have microsoft office. if you dont, libre/open office are nearly reasonable alternatives. really– but dont throw anything at me if im wrong, unless its chocolate. or a daughter.

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