The Perils of Holidaying.

I hate holidays; they never work out.  We get anxious, effort to get there, effort to return; nothing but trouble and expense.

Not this one;

The Best Holiday of My Entire Life!!!


But still there is a problem!

We had to come home!


Stupid, stupid us, we came home.  Elusive support workers, homework gone feral, 1700 emails and the pets are angry.  But worst of all; you know how sometimes when you go away you leave a beloved pet with someone and you come back to… well, no pet.  Sebastian is not dead but I believe his condition is terminal.

Poor Sebastian!

To those that haven’t read my previous posts…

Why haven’t you read my previous posts?  Don’t you like me?  It’s like a dagger through my heart!  Oh to be so unappreciated in the land of my birth!


Anyway before you non-me-readers get too upset and call the RSPCA, Sebastian is not a fluffy little bundle of need; that’s Charlie.


Sebastian is a metal and electronic bundle of deep insecurity & scant affection.  Pictured here with his friend & co conspirator Orion.  Sebastian is in black and Orion is in beige if you can’t tell the difference.


Anyway I must be swift as Sebastian overheats & faints quickly nowadays.  His computer brain (or katra {Search for Spock}) is being transferred to his friend Galahad (a thumb drive with the requisite qualifications to survive & thrive in this new symbiotic relationship).  Gavin (he’s a humanoid biological entity I married 25 years ago) has purchased a new computer online.


So soon I will be able to go back to writing scads of mindless posts that ramble incoherently without the ever present threat of computer failure.  I have soooooooo much to tell you!

Till then adieu sweet friends, adieu!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

25 thoughts on “The Perils of Holidaying.

  1. please find a nice cardboard box to put dear seb in. if i should ever meet him, i would like to find out if i can do any wonders for the poor fellow. also (unless you have other uses for it) please put the power supply in the box too (or youll likely never find it again.)

    literally yesterday a friend gave me an “older” (a few years) laptop as he purchased a new one, and i would be shipping it to a certain aussie girl if only that sort of thing were free (ive never shipped a laptop overseas, and i imagine it costs as much as a laptop. though you never know. if i could do it for 30 usd i probably would– though thats still quite pricey considering she probably couldnt use it as-is.)

    the point is, he told me it was “slow” and unusable. well it now has my own operating system on it, and its running pretty nicely. if i did the same for seb and opened up the little guy and gave him a good cleaning with a blower, perhaps hes got a few more years.

    id love to find out. do you think you could store him somewhere? if theres no room for a box, you could honestly put him upright on a low bookshelf (in the style of a large book) and that would keep him out of the way. then again, its just a thought. i realize its far from necessary. its more like a “fun” idea. not intended to be super practical. i have revived many a one before, though. mostly i salvage, i rarely ever buy new.

    p.s. our laptop power supplies here will typically do either our native 120v/60hz or your 230v/50hz though they still need a plug (shape) adpater. im curious if your ground (middle) as/nzs pins are round or blade-shaped. i think the round ground pins are rare, and the 3-blade / | \ ones are typical. in fact they are compatible with (based on?) a design patented in america in 1916! (and yes, i just looked most of that up. im not an international electrician expert.)

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    1. Sebastian will be going into semi retirement unless Gavin’s effort’s to fix him work out. I was going to get a smaller 2 in 1 for ease of transportability but will still be using Sebastian, or the kids will when he’s been fixed a little.


  2. Poor dear digital. We do become attached. I have two or three old friends that hunker around and watch me on my NEW apple. But I do love them. I feel your grief.
    Ol Gavin is cuttin’ up pretty good with that frying pan. What a guy! Glad you’re back!

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    1. Gavin is full time cook, except when support workers come over to teach me to be normal. Sebastian is not finished yet, but I will be slowed down until his new little sibling arrives and he can get a proper chance to recuperate.

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  3. I feel sorry for your (soon-to-be) loss of such a deeply loved member of your family. I reckon the cat especially will miss poor Sebastian.

    On that note, I’d like to add it is good to know I am not the only one who names her appliances 🙂

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    1. just as long as you dont name anything *pablo diego josé francisco de paula juan nepomuceno maría de los remedios cipriano de la santísima trinidad ruiz y picasso* because even though people name their appliances… that would be a bit much!

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      1. Thanks for the idea, I’m getting a new computer soon. But in all fairness I have to see if he (or she) looks like a pablo diego jose francisco de paula juan nepomuceno maria de los remedios cipriano de la santisima trinidad ruiz y picasso or more like a Dot.


      2. Don’t dare me! I’m writing this down! (I need a new laptop, so… I could shorten it to Pabbi for good measures :’)

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      1. epic rap battles of history is one of the most brilliant things on youtube, ever. if they had made it a television show on cable, it wouldve been one of the most brilliant things on on television– but youtube still offers more artistic freedom, even with all its (many) faults.

        (i think after i left my comment) this morning i woke up feeling really good, and i found a note from lovely alex. (aka mighty alex, aka alex and the dragon, aka dr. alex crime scene investigator.)

        the word “awesome” was in it and that felt really good, and earlier i sent her a note explaining how i feel about love. in short: i will do whatever i can, and if we fall in love, i will almost surely feel that way forever. i have rarely ceased to love a person. its just something i carry around.

        i also told her that i know with her, the most important thing is patience, so the first act of love will be to be patient. i told her to take her time, although the more i get to know her the more i like her. i can certainly hope for that being mutual. im happy that weve made it to this point. i told her i like her for who she is, and that she doesnt have to be perfect, even though i like everything about her so far.

        you notice ive said very little about what she told me, and i do prefer to communicate with her directly (when possible,) but i know when shes having a rough day you tell her things about me and those things make her smile. im deeply flattered to have that effect. and im flattered again when you think of it as something that will help. thank you both so much.

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  4. this morning i dedicate to you my favorite music video: its “all about that bass” with the volume turned down to zero and (its a good song, but the video is priceless, especially when paired with) king harvest: “dancing in the moonlight” and theres nothing like it in the world.

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  5. i told alex that im not having the best day ever. :/ eh, they cant all be the best, now can they? i also told her that even on a not-so-great day, i still think shes really great. i have every intention of having cheered up before the 3rd if not much sooner.

    i also mentioned that i have always liked the phrase “no worries,” even though when i say it its in an american accent. however as i type this im reading parts of it with an australian accent, because i was going to mention that we dont all think you *all* sound like steve irwin (but his son robert sure does! wow.) and as you said, i know that her accent is more neutral or american.

    “american,” 🙂 i love that word in an aussie accent. having travelled to the uk im sure that aussie accents vary by region like they do in most large countries. i do fairly well at impressions, and aussie accents are surprisingly challenging– i do like yours though.

    i hope your morning/afternoon is going well– its about that time your time, whatever your schedule is. (is it sked-juul or shed-juul there? im familiar with both. obviously sked-juul is the american one.)

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  6. happy 22nd to a dear and wonderful non-damsel and dragon tamer, as it should be the 3rd any hour now (most likely by the time you read this.) i found out another person i know is on the 3rd as well, so i just this hour very unexpectedly had a piece of cake.

    im sad that we have not had the opportunity to exchange emails yet, but its alright because im confident we will soon. i even tried your contact form and (despite having quite a bit of with online things) im unable to get it to work as expected. it could be web cookies, or it could be sprites for all i know. nonetheless ive been working on a card of sorts. as its only 10 or 11 or midnight yet… well, anyway. you wondered if anyone noticed if youd gone missing, and i confess i have noticed. youre missed. alex got my most recent notes today, so at least shes online somewhere. love to you all ❤

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  7. listening to this while working on the card. i tell people about this mans marble machine “this is how the fig translator works.” its true but in reality, all compiling or programming works a lot like this machine. i posted this to deviantart too but its just a link.

    alex, its your birthday today
    alex, hope its happy and gay
    alex, this one line is much longer, so have a lovely birthday, many happy returns cause you know that… (keep repeating)

    well, they cant all be “the mighty alex”

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      1. oh im so happy to see you ❤ you dont have to believe it, but ive missed you both.

        you lot are my favorite people on the planet. literally. its gotten to the point where im sick of hearing from other people (my other closest friends) because i would get all excited that the little red/orange dot was from you, and every time it wasnt 😦 this time it was, and its that good.

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