My Computer Has Astrophobia

That’s right; poor Sebastian (that’s his name) is afraid of thunder & lightning.  I always thought it was brontophobia but I believe the internet).  First we learn brontosauruses are Apatosaurus, now brontophobes are astrophobes.

Bye, bye Bronty

How do I know that my poor baby is scared.  He stops working and hides down inside himself.


Airplane Lightning Strike
Sebastian you are a lap top not a plane.

He won’t even talk to his favourite kitten.


Added to this he appears to have some sort of fight going on with the router.  They keep deciding they are not speaking to each other when I’m doing something on the internet or trying to wirelessly print.


It’s my husband’s 25th anniversary on Wednesday.  The saint is of course more than ready; he’s organised a party and a holiday and he is so thoughtful that I hate him.  Although I’ve started to look forward to the holiday.  Although Mum says Charlie starts to fret inconsolably by about the 3 hour mark when I’m away; doctor, shopping or school for instance, so I’m worried about how he’ll cope when I’m away for three days.


Natasha complained that I was more worried about Charlie than my children.  I pointed out that none of my kids could care less if I disappeared but Charlie did.

“Yeah, you’re right!” she replied.

Back to my point; so of course I’m running late with present, card, etc.  The saint had to stay in the Granny flat an hour for me to finish his card on his birthday.  So of course Mr Romance had to bring the party forward a day; so we could have our anniversary all to ourselves.

My husband, darn it!

Women are supposed to dream of a romantic husband.  It’s annoying, I have nothing to hold over him, and I’m useless at the soppy stuff.  Half the time I ruin his romantic gestures let alone thinking something up myself.   Oh and contrary to my children’s opinion I do not ruin them on purpose I am just controlling & obtuse.

Apparently he had a romantic proposal dreamed up.  I said (about a month before) something along the lines of; we’ve shut my mother up with her stupid time limit we may as well get married.  Romantic, huh?  And I don’t even think it was a leap year.


Back to the point.  Hey doesn’t that sound like a call in square dancing.

“Swing you partner, dousy dough!  Back to the point and around you go!”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!  Back to the point; so I was doing a lot of computer and internet stuff in preparation for a half hearted attempt at trying to make myself look less like the Ice Queen of cold hearted witches.  It’s family, they know me but I’m still trying to convince everyone I’m not the Queen, Duchess maybe but not Queen.

heart on the snow

I can’t tell you what I have bought, organised & made; because the saint supports my blogging by reading every word I write.  I think an important part of being so romantic must be a high tolerance for boredom.  I have trouble getting into the stuff he likes.  Being supportive is exhausting; & I hate it.

So no blogging, emails piling up, sleepy, annoying children haven’t had enough attention, blah blah!  But Charlie loves me; he ate enough lollies to sink a battleship and then 3 bites of Rainbow Paddle Pop; he loves everybody if he can slow down enough to see them.  At least he’ll love me until the sugar rush drops.  Oh yeah ; I’m in trouble for accidentally sugar hyping the dog too.  But he loves lollipops, and musk sticks, and snakes, and nougat, and he’s not allowed chocolate, and he looks so sad.  Plus ice cream is his favourite food.

At least its not as bad as the time he deliberately got his head stuck in my coffee cup so he could drink all my coffee.  Or the time Mum was carrying him and picked up her cup and I warned her.  While she was laughing at me he darted his head and while she was struggling to make sure he didn’t fall he got his head stuck in her cup and drank all her coffee.

Romantic breakfast

I am too tired to write a blog, I appear to be rambling.  Oh no, I just remembered ; that’s my style.

Okay, how do I finish this post?  I have no idea!  I can never the remember the proper order of the words of the goodnight song from “Sound of Music”.  If I suddenly stopped typing, would anyone worry?  Would anyone come looking for me?

What’s that noise?

Oh it’s stopped, I’m sure it was noth….



Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

29 thoughts on “My Computer Has Astrophobia

  1. sugar hyping the dog, probably not the best thing– astrophobia is a healthy fear for a laptop, like a child is wise to fear those big metal boxes that fly up and down down the street. dont go out there and make formal introductions, those metal boxes are not the most understanding sort. ironically within 20 years, they will probably stop and introduce themselves.

    if you disappeared for a little while, id likely mention it to alex: “your mum hasnt shown up, is she around?” maybe im old-fashioned or ive just watched too many movies, though i consider the phrase “we may as well get married” to be terribly romantic– perhaps the sort of thing rosalind russell would say to cary grant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sebastian is very grateful for your words. Thank you for potentially noticing my demise! I’m going to show Gav your comment, we love old movies. I am romantic, just classic movie romantic, I like it! I’m glad to hear you like that kind of romantic too; Alex inherited my romance gene not her father’s.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. alex seems like a bit of a tomboy. its not a requirement, and they dont really use that word here anymore, but tomboy is definitely a plus…

        i thought of mailing you a pic and a quick letter today, which i figure i likely will do at some point. no address yet, which is fine of course. i prefer snail mail to email for such things, but theres certainly no rush at all– id have to go out and get quite a few stamps. ive only gotten a post from your continent once (from qld, i think.) many years ago. another blogger mentioned a “bag of maccas” today, and its the first time i knew what she was talking about 🙂 your comment made my day. hearing from/about you guys is honestly the highlight of anything i do.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. i hope you and alexs father are having a lovely anniversary– and if perchance youre not, i still hope he is 🙂 and i hope its tolerable for you.

        i heard from alex today, and that makes it a good day. probably samosas this evening– granted theyre just little ones. take care 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. We had a fantastic anniversary & holiday, best we’ve ever had. Who knew I enjoyed rustic with bush walks to hotel luxury, it was a big surprise.
        Which is why I’ve taken so long to reply; sorry!
        I don’t know how to send you our address securely, so if you can let me know I know Alex & I will enjoy exchanging snail mail!
        Alex is a proud tomboy, although her clothing style has more to do with sensory issues than appearance.
        Alex is smiling every time I mention you, & I’m certainly enjoying our chats, talk soon!


      4. “Alex is a proud tomboy, although her clothing style has more to do with sensory issues than appearance.”

        i can relate. i never wear anything that i can avoid in polite company. (im in the market for a kilt, but no mel gibson jokes– i dont think ive got even distant relatives from the wallace clan. also they have kilts now that are casual and modern, with no tartan. but i do have some celtic ancestry.)

        “Alex is smiling every time I mention you, & I’m certainly enjoying our chats, talk soon!”

        making alex smile is a huge deal to me. 🙂 my deviantart notifications pages tells me that she has a birthday upcoming, and im curious if she loves birthdays– or if shes like you and me, and tries to pretend they dont exist. i set my deviantart birthday to jan 1 (they dont need to know) but i will tell you my real birthday when i write you.

        the most secure way to give me your address is this:

        1. leave a comment on one of my posts. this will give me your email.
        2. i will email you, and leave a note about it here so you know its me.
        3. email is probably the most secure way to send your mailing address. i will even delete my copy of the email after i receive it (but i wont eat the paper i write it on.)

        alex has explained that although i dont hear from her often, she appreciates my understanding. hearing from her is pure joy, though hearing about her or from her through you is pretty wonderful, too.

        one of the things you have to do if you write a programming language is make programs for it– so ive been adding a new program (or new variation or tweak) to my deviantart page on a regular basis (almost every day,) just as a reminder that im there.

        of course i dont draw the pictures i post– i write them:

        i mustve said already, that if alex was on wordpress instead of deviantart, i might not have done these. at least not this year.

        your about page says alex was born in 95, which im 99% certain means that shes turning 22. you already mentioned that she was 21, but this close to a birthday you could also say that shes “basically 22,” i just wanted to make certain i got it right before the day rolls around.

        do you think she would enjoy a card even if it got there late? (by the time we get this all worked out, i doubt it will have time to reach you.)


      5. Alex loves her birthday! Alex loves getting late surprises, it spreads the day out. Alex will be 22. Email me if you really want to get on my good side because I am both lazy & experiencing computer problems.
        You have now been included in Alex’s therapy; when she is down I have included talking about you to my cheering up Alex repertoire to great success.

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      6. how can i email you? you dont seem to publish your email anywhere on the blog (i dont either, thats the only reason we go back and forth on this. no worries at all, im happy to work this out with you in a series of dance steps a la “strictly ballroom.” not that i dance– ive got 5 left feet.

        once i know your email, i will be sending you one. an email, not a foot 😦 …i promise.

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      7. to say the least, i hope that you and alex and sebastian (and all others) are doing well and are far and more importantly, safe from debbie. what a ridiculous name for a storm– it should be “little debbie.” “harmless debbie.” “not overly disruptive, well-mannered debbie.” the only swirl in it ought to be whipped cream and fudge– youll all be in my hopes and thoughts. do let me know when debbie has left. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Never worry about us & cyclones, we are far south of the cyclone zone. We occasionally get the tails but nothing really dangerous. Debbie (I agree ridiculous name but our worst cyclone ever was Tracey) hit the North East of Australia we are South West. Perth is outside earthquake & cyclone zones & our house is outside of fire & flood zones. We can be effected by storms but we aren’t in line for any life threatening natural disasters. So sweet of you to worry.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I like to think the kitten and I share a deep appreciation of the whimsical. Or a shallow appreciation of the profound; which is less impressive.
      Sorry for the late reply I have been on holiday & was too busy misbehaving to go on the internet!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love this! “. . . the kitten and I share a deep appreciation of the whimsical. Or a shallow appreciation of the profound . . .” Poetic!
        And absolutely no worries about any delay in replying. It is kind of you to take the time to reply at all!
        Hope your holiday was fun. 🙂

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  2. Good morning! It’s been a while since my last visit and I do apologize as I love your blog! Just a note to let you know I added your site to my blog roll. I think more people would be lifted up by visiting you guys. Praying only for the best for your beautiful family! Have a very blessed weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kindness. I believe humour is a good way to get through tough times. I believe that is one of God’s many gifts to us & I love to share.
      I’m sorry for the late reply my husband took me out into the country for a holiday to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Bless!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I blame scientists, they invented computers, they lied about brontosauruses and then they stole Pluto (called it not a planet, same thing).
      Down with Science!
      Wait I love science.
      Science why have you deserted me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My husband refuses to accept Pluto’s status change; in our house Pluto is a planet.
        You don’t like Maths? I blame your teachers, Math is very badly taught, few people comprehend the delicate dance that is Mathematics, numbers flying prettily around your head leading you gently to the solution. Unless you mean geometry, geometry is evil, one day we are going to disprove it all. Unfortunately that will involve a skeptic diving deep into its morass. Not me, it makes my head hurt.


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