Team Foxie – Foxie’s Adventures in Kalbarri

The lovely and angelic support worker Faye came back on Monday, Charlie was so happy!


Apparently she didn’t have internet access during her holiday so we all had to wait until they got back.

It’s been ages, so if you need to catch up:

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Then I’ve been having all kinds of computer & internet problems; blah blah.  Everyone has computer & internet problems.  Why are we so reliant on something that is so transitory?  Another blog subject; maybe?

Lightning over field
Recent weather may have effected internet computer & operator

Rene’s reports:

Can you believe the kids still had to do home work even though they were on holiday !!
It wasn’t all work we went scuba diving and played in the dunes at blue holes beach
It was such fun
Our last day in Kalbarri and we went climbing and the views were awesome !!
I even did some absailing !! It was so scaring but so much fun

Can you believe how much fun he had!

I don’t have that much fun!

Faye only takes me to therapists, doctors & blood tests.

Oh and takes me to the dog park where Charlie wants to go!

I have been gypped!

Seriously though thank you so much for giving Foxie aka Rene such a nice holiday Faye!

And mean making our little cherubs do homework.


Main Picture is from Kalbarri Accommodation WA Holiday Rentals – LOWEST PRICES


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