My Blog 2 – Orion

Hey!  I’m back!  Mummy is asleep, again.  One of those stranger whomans came and took her into Daddy’s room, you know the one where he hides all the food.  The other whoman made her move about for ages and Mummy doesn’t usually move much, so she’ll be asleep for ages.


I jumped on her tummy, I can’t remember why, oh yes i can.  I jumped on Mummy’s tummy to see if she would make the same fun squeak Cushion does when I jump on his tummy; she just said “oof” then “urgh” then didn’t play with me or pat me or anything.  Then I noticed the computer was on.  Good old Cushion took his place in case of emergency consciousness.


What?  Yeah, he does look grumpy, probably cos Mummy is sleeping in his (& my) doggy bed.  Ignore him he always looks mopey!


I know what you are thinking now; how did a mere dog get to be the best mate of a super Burmese tiger star.  Well to start with Cushion is a very special dog.  Mummy says spaniel is a dog word for special; spaniels are special and terriers are terrierists.  We have three terrier crosses,, that would make them cross terrierists, wouldn’t it?


Cushion is always available as a hot water bottle, warm pillow, bed or blankie,  booster seat  or step.  And he is just covered in feather toys and dangle toys.  Instead of a tail he has a big old dangle wand covered in feathers.  And all the feathers grow back when you eat them.  Cushion is the best ever!

Sometimes he plays hide the wand toy by sitting on it, but I’m real good at pulling it out from under him.  That reminds me, Cushion is a really good hiding place for things I might want later, except food.  Cushion engulfs food, any food he can reach.  And he swallows really fast.  When I open his mouth to take things out; you know like I do with the whomans (‘cept Granma) and the other cats and dogs; there is never any left, just squeaks.


Cushion makes the bestest squeaks ever.  Sometimes I play with him just for the squeaks.  But he gets jealous sometimes; when I am happily biting Mummy he waves his tail wand  so I will play with him instead and then he lets me play as long as I want.  Mummy sometimes gets jealous too and drags me back to play with her.  I try to be kind and quickly give Mummy lots of bites and really good scratches but the lure of Cushion’s wand toy is strong.

Cushion is my bestest best friend, even if he is a dog!

9887 c

I am sleepy now so I am going!  Move over Cushion Mummy is a good bed for two!

Send double treats

for Cushion

& Orion the Burmese tiger star.



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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

6 thoughts on “My Blog 2 – Orion

      1. So different than my gerbils, then. Whenever they SMELL a camera being around they either hide, or sit dead still until I press the button, at which moment they always move around -_-

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Try treats, although be careful unfortunately my rats have gotten so enthusiastic that when they see the camera they grab hold of it, leading to very boring pictures of tummies. Charlie has always loved being photographed, he also likes looking at pictures especially people he knows or dogs, so he gets it.
        Perhaps you could give your gerbils a lecture on the art of photography, or let them accidentally hear you discussing the glamorous world of modelling.


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