Team Foxie – Foxie’s Continuing Adventures

The story started long ago and far away, so if you need to catch up:

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World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamFoxie

He’s Arrived – The Amazing Race

& of course Team Foxie – Foxie’s Adventures

I can not believe how badly Rene is misbehaving for my angelic support worker Faye & her little cherubs.

I just hope she doesn’t blame me.  OMG I vouched for the little tinker!

Just read what he’s been up to:

Fox adventures 5/3/17

Only 1 thing for it today and that is to relax on the water.
It’s ok I have plenty of sun cream on and am just waiting for Faye to bring me a Singapore sling
Bye for now


Being served by an angel, why didn’t I go instead?

 Extra fox adventures

I was so tired after the hot day and swimming but when Jess wanted to bake a cake who am I to stop her ?? Of course I’ll help I said only if I can lick the bowl out …



He could be more gracious!


Can you believe how naughty he is?
And today I received this:

Fox adventures

So this was me last night .. Jess and I made a cake everyone went to bed so I ate the lot !!! After that I was on a massive sugar high and scaled the wall and went out
I can’t even tell you what happened … What happens on a foxy tour stays on a foxy tour !
But I did get back .. Faye was not happy but she was cool after I explained that every fox needs his space and I was willing to try my best and behave in Kalbarri ..
We are leaving in the morning so I better be off to bed now as its a long trip
6 1/2 hours !!!!!!!!!!
I would have called me and dumped him back home!
I told you she was an angel!
No wonder she looks angry!

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