Team Foxie – Foxie’s Adventures

First things first this is a continuing saga; ie The World(press) Amazing Race.  In order to understand the following ‘episodes’ must be reviewed first:

Cyranny’s Cove List of Amazing Race Posts

World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamFoxie

He’s Arrived – The Amazing Race

When Rene the Fox arrived he was looking forward to attending my birthday party.  But then he met my support worker F. now to be revealed as Faye; isn’t that the perfect name for an angel.

I still don’t know how Pixabay got this photo of my support worker F. – Faye

Faye offered to take him with them on a holiday to Kalbarri but he had to leave then; Friday morning.  He was very sweet, but I assured him it was too good an opportunity to miss and he had to go.  Besides he will be back in time for Cat’s party.  Faye doesn’t have a blog so she will be sending me updates to post and below are the first two (both sent today).  By the way for the map Faye lives in Joondalup, I’m not allowed to know where; crazy client stalker potential.


Fox adventures 3/3/17

So today I come home with Faye and met Poppy and Indy.
So far I have been a model guest saying please and thank you and keeping my mouth closed when I chew.
I’ve been today we are going to Kalbarri on Tuesday but till then we are going to be packing and chilling
Bye for now


Which means Charlie & I now have pictures of the lovely Poppy & Indy.  Stop drooling Charlie!

Fox adventures 4/3/17

So today we packed and I have to say Faye is a very good packer !! I felt she packed too much though so when she wasn’t looking I took her bra out I’m sure she won’t miss it ..
Then we chilled and watched a movie ‘ Marley and me’ it was good I talked a lot through it though and was asked to leave the room !!! Jess let me back in and shared her ice cream to keep me quiet
Tomorrow I’ve been told we are going swimming ! Not sure I’m going to like it as I haven’t been before but I’ve been told foxes are good swimmers so I’ll give it a go
Bye for now

So Rene of Team Foxie is on his way to beautiful Kalbarri and Jurien Bay by way of the angel Faye’s house.

And I’m at home, home sweet home, the same 4 walls, closing in.  Only joking I’m autistic I love an absence of new, yah vicarious adventure!

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