Am I Too Sophisticated to be Funny?

I have been sorting through my website; trying to remember what I have written and posted and what I’ve written & lost somewhere.  Now I can look for stuff and when I find it I will know what to do.

But my point is I have noticed something.  My readership seems to be dwindling, but now I may know why.  My sophistication and the rapid maturing of my writing style may be back firing.  I am thinking about what I write!  I have topics!  I wrote about this terrible problem when I first started and now it has happened to me; The Secret to Writing Really Long Posts.9501-crop


Where is my raw humour, my naivety, my stupidity?  Have I really changed that much?  Will anyone love me?  How will I write if I now need something to write about?

I know you may think I am writing without a topic now; you are so kind!  I wuv U all!

But I’m not!


I’m writing about reorganising my website.  I’m writing of the immanence of the end of my writing career.  I am writing of my own impending doom!


But on a brighter note; I’ve cleaned up my blog a bit.

Please let me know if you love me or not.  I’m so lonely!  And  I’m sick of my family; 3 of them are fighting, 2 are trying to tell me stuff and the pets are trying to eat the lollipop I found.


Contact me or I may resort to listening to one of them!

Please not this one! SAVE ME!!!


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

25 thoughts on “Am I Too Sophisticated to be Funny?

  1. “Am I Too Sophisticated to be Funny?”

    obviously not, if youre opening with a line like that. i dont know if i “love you,” but you look good when you take your glasses off. (everyones a critic, i know.)

    of course if either of your two oldest ever move to the states (probably not) and decide to have me and take me in (probably probably not) then we will practically be family, and (by australian law) i will *have to* love you.

    but if that ever happened, i would anyway ❤ (am i too sophisticated to be funny? i dunno about funny, but "sophisticated" isnt something i have to worry about…)

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      1. i really doubt you need one more aspie hanging around the house. im good fun and all, but i probably talk more than your daughters (stock garlic and crosses!)

        alex is cute and i actually emigrated to the uk once to marry a woman, though she called it off and here i am. i dont think australia is crying out for immigrants any more than the states, but hey, keep in touch. if alex (or cat) get too lonely, i suppose its 5/8 of an option. the devils always in the details. let me know (im sure you will, its a blog) how theyre doing in 6 months and a year from now. this town i live in is couples only, so its been about a year since ive had a gf. nothings keeping me here except red tape and common sense; goodness knows we only have so much of those in the world. ❤ ❤

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      2. incidentally im sticking with the impression that we are talking about things all in good fun. for the record, i was half-kidding when i told my soon-to-be british fiance “hey, we should get married” and when she took me up on it, i was fine with the idea. i took as many possessions as i could travel with, and never looked back (in fact coming back was extremely depressing. within a couple years, i was back on my feet.)

        my philosophy in life is that no matter what you do, life throws you curveballs until one day, when it finally kills you. so all the best things ive ever done didnt start out very serious– being serious never got me anything i planned for, so although its not my preference to “just wing it” thats the closest i ever get to success anyway.

        also for the record, i have little preference between cat and alex. i saw alex first, and shes my type. cats not bad either 🙂 i want someone who adores me and im very affectionate (im a cat lover too) so whichever one finds it harder to live without me is probably ms. right.

        either way i would (very hypothetically of course) end up with a super-cute wife and a super-cute sister in law, which of course i would vigorously deny when my super-cute wife brought up the subject (what? no honey, shes perfectly awful. really, its a shame we have to be around her at all…)

        stranger things have indeed happened already.

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      3. I am joking. But if something happened well, cool! I never advertise the unavailable ones; ha ha. I mean it’s all in fun. Like I flirt online, and in person, but I make it clear I’m happily married. Cat & Alex are available & in their own ways looking, so I suppose it’s a bit like internet dating. In summary if you’re only joking cool its fun. If more; long term lets see what happens keep in touch. No stress either way.
        Wheee….I’m planning a wedding as we speak! lol.


  2. I’m not going anywhere! I was just laughing out loud at your post and my husband asked…”What’s so funny?”…so I answered…”Oh, a really super crazy and sophisticated person in Australia! I am trying to help her not have to talk to her children.” He told me “that is very nice”. He didn’t listen to a word I said! Now is a good time to tell him how much I charged on Friday at a store called “Tuesday Morning”. I better hurry!!!

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    1. Sounds very reasonable to me. But just to safe and make sure he’s in the right mood present him with choice by first suggesting pink elephant and rainbow giraffe fabric sofas, unless that’s what you actually want, then you will have to suggest something no one would like; I recommend beige.

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      1. Yes if he agrees to beige or white he’s not listening, or you need to call a doctor. Not listening or crazy, husbands are so complicated. And they complain women are hard to understand. 😉


  3. Love the photos, such great humor!

    Maybe others have already said this autisix, but I have found that site visiting stats *really* fluctuate. Sometimes up, sometimes down, not necessarily related to posting or not…I think your readers are out there, out here, and as long as we’re connecting with you and you are expressing your story and your truth, that’s all that counts! 🙂

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  4. Your posts always make me smile … I love that you all get into it and pose so well for the photos. Feel like I know you even tho we’ve never met. May all your worthy wishes come true!

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    1. Thank you. It even surprised me how keen the kids were to take part, and the pets love having their picture taken, except Cherise, she’s weird. I feel like I know a lot of people I just know from their websites. Shopping for Christmas I had to make sure I remembered who I was buying things for because I almost accidentally bought gifts for people whose blogs I’d read. It was such a pity that I didn’t know them in real life; I found them some perfect presents.

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