I Can’t Be Underwater It’s February

This is the third post in a row that was written on paper as a single thought a week and a half ago.

Of course I can make 3 posts out of a single thought; look at how many posts I’ve made containing no thoughts at all.  If you don’t believe me, read them.

Myah ha ha ha, this should up my views!

Open Clip Art Vectors – Pixabay

Back to my thought; Part 1 is Is Summer Southern Winter? and Part 2 is The Weather Has Gone Insane and you should probably read them if you are going to read this because I’m not going back over anything; because a. I have a headache, b. I’m lazy, c. I don’t want to, and d.  I had 10000 unread posts and I have whittled them down to 560 (but I’ve accumulated 3600 stored under Next Round that have appeared while I’ve been reading the 10000.Getting rid of the backlog is step 1 in my brilliant plan to have a life and I’m 560 away.  Depending on the posts I can read 220 to 1100 a day.  I need to finish.  Wait I had a different topic.  OMG I packed up my papers for Writer’s Circle!  Where are they?9476

So mid February, Western Australia, we’re all on water restrictions because, we’re always on water restrictions.  Oh and February is the worst because the heat makes the evaporation rate soar and we never get any rain until March at the earliest.  Okay in history we may have gotten rain in February but it evaporated before it hit the ground.  So we are all baking alive; when the temperature plummets and the rains fall down.

Torrents of rain!

Ladybug in springtime rain
Ladybug in springtime rain. Insect macro Graphic Stock

Unbelievable rain!

Driving a car in the rain
Driving a car in the rain Graphic Stock

So I’m guessing you’re thinking ‘what a blessed relief’.  It was nice.  But you know I’m not a positive person.  Unfortunately the beautifully cool weather and gorgeous little raindrops were accompanied by a head splitting strong pressure.

Graphic Stock

My autistic family suffers to a greater or lesser extent from a sensitivity to atmospheric pressure.  My husband is effected extremely badly, Alex almost as much, when effected they faint or if it is slightly alleviated have very bad migraine like headaches with blindness, nausea etc.  I’m probably next most sensitive, then Cat then the younger two.  The bad news is the oldest 4 of us weren’t that badly effected until we were older so hopefully the two youngest don’t have it as badly but maybe they’ll grow into it.

In any other season the strong pressure we feel is relieved as soon as it rains; anywhere.  Not this nightmarish weather  The pressure intensified making us older 4 sleep for hours in between immobilizing headaches etc.  Plus this hot/cold moistness has really upped both pollen and fungi spore counts to give everyone double doses of hayfever.

Sick business man holding umbrella and blowing nose Graphic Stock

Just to show you how bad it is I took some photos of the flooding.  These are of a tributary stream to the Swan River that we cross a couple of times a week.  It was not taken until 3 days after the rain had stopped.

The dots in the water are the tops of fence posts.


If you couldn’t spot them:

9120 marked.JPG

The featured image was taken by Tabby; my brilliant little artist, at Bell’s Rapids on the same day.   I just wish I had taken photos before to show you the difference; I mean I’ve seen it higher but not for years and even then it was in Winter.

Anyway there has to be a point to the story, so here it is.  I’m definitely from farming stock despite Mum marrying a city slicker.  The proof?  I’m never happy with the weather; it’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, if we get enough rain it was at the wrong time of year.  See that’s farmin’ talk.


Graphic Stock

On a sad note there have been some tragedies elsewhere in the state associated with these floods and I am not trying to diminish the losses.  Victims and their loved ones have my deepest sympathy.









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