The Weather Has Gone Insane

Okay it’s not the same batty time, my mega nap raged out of control, 1 hour became 4.  Why oh why won’t my family use their evil noise powers for good instead of evil.

Now if this is going to make any sense you must read Is Summer Southern Winter? because if I have to write an Introduction the temptation to ramble down one diversion after another may kill us both.

Open door at night

Have you read it; good we may proceed.

So I sometimes think of our vicious Summer as spiritually the equivalent of the Northern Winter; a season of death & waiting.  In Summer we wait while death ravages, followed by a period of mild weather for us to swiftly garden and plant, then beautiful growing weather, then a season to desperately try to fortify the garden against the coming climactic trial when the garden must fend for itself as we hibernate to survive; estivate in our case.  I love that word, I’m going to write it on a card for my naps:

Loon Estivating, Do Not Disturb!


I’m generous; Loons Estivating, Do Not Disturb!

But then out of the blue after all my sensible working outie thingie whatsit, the weather goes completely crazy.  I mean absolutely insane; like it could be a member of my family, I know OMG that level of nutsy squirrel.

Those of you reading will be wondering why on Earth did she finish where she did when she was basically two paragraphs away from finishing and start on the new crazy weather thing in a new post?  Because I was a bit sleepy and there looked to be lots of writing on the notepad and ….  Okay hindsight is 20:20 isn’t it smartie!  Shut up!

I was mid rant and I was disturbed.  My 13 year old child watches “Neighbours” OMG I knew she had Autism, ADD and dyslexia but I had no idea she was that sick.


Rant continuing:

Here in Perth Western Australia; the other one is in Scotland so I very much doubt the weather is similar, at this time of year 38*C (100*F) is considered a mild day.  On the third consecutive day where 42*C (107*F) is forecast you are legally allowed to keep your child home from school; although most don’t bother as most classrooms are cooled & we know the school won’t let them outside.  43*C (109*F)  is not uncommon and I don’t know the upper limit in an average February; it has reached 45*C (113*F) in the Metro area and 48*C (118*F) in the Eastern Outer suburbs, where we live.  Perth itself is on the coast so is milder than us here in the Swan Valley; it can be 3*C (5 1/2* F) hotter or colder here.


So imagine my shock when it rocketed down to 18*C (64*F) as the day’s maximum and rained.

Headache, sleepy, this is to be continued……………


The end although belated is here I Can’t Be Underwater It’s February.















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